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Tired of having to open up the local map each time you want to know where you are in a cave? Well, not any more for this mod gives you a MiniMap, like in Morrowind. The layout is fully configurable to suite your taste. Do you want it in the upper right corner? No problem. Do you want it to be as big as half the screen? Anything you want, you can ge

Permissions and credits
MiniMap by Kyoma
Version 1.2.0


This mod introduces a small minimap on your HUD. It will be as close as possible to the real map. For those that have used the old version(s) it is important to forget everything about it and start over.


* Many options for position, size and zoom.
* Active quest targets, both World & Local View.

World View
* Automatic support for any worldspace that has a unique worldmap.
* Complete and configurable map markers!
* Optional support for Dynamic Map.

Local View
* No more clumsy or bloating texture generation!
* Dynamic rendering so that it is always up-to-date with your surroundings.
* Configurable Fog-of-War behaviour for those that want to be suprised.
* Pretty door icons.

Installing and Updating

* Copy the esp, ini file, BSA file and menus folder to your data folder. This mod requires:
- Oblivion v1.2.0.416
- OBSE v0020 or higher. You can find the latest version at http://obse.silverlock.org/
- MenuQue v14a or higher. You can find the latest version at http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/32200/
- (Optional) ConScribe for easier logging and debugging

* Optionally examine the ini file for configuration, there should be enough documentation for everything.

* When updating from below v1.0.0 you MUST make a clean save.

* When updating from below v1.0.0 you can delete the content of "DataTexturesMaps" as those textures are no longer used or generated.

Known Issues & Troubleshooting

A "General Rule" when checking if the minimap is displaying the wrong info it is important to take note of the respective real map. If that displays the same things then it is most likely not a bug but a limitation of how the map works. This does not apply to the various icons as they are handled seperately to allow more configurability.

When reporting a bug with a visual aspect it is recommended/required that you provide a screenshot of the minimap and possibly also of its respective real map. If the issue is easy to reproduce you can try temporary increasing the size of the minimap so it shows a larger area (and thus provide more context). It also helps to turn on the debug mode in the ini and include the console output, easiest way of doing so is with ConScribe. While I cannot guarantee there won't be any bugs I can say with an almost absolute certainty that any bugs will only involve the minimap itself. Removing the mod should always fix the problem.

So far there are only two minor known issues:
- When first loading a save after restart and the player is in a worldspace that is not connected to any map (like the testing world) the minimap may not be initialized properly. It is fixed when changing cells or by opening the worldmap.
- The water on the local minimap will still vary depending on the current weather, time of day and fog. Atleast in the current version it's consistent across the entire display and will always match the current conditions. As with the "General Rule" you can notice the same with the real local map.
- The grass on the local view is only rendered in a cone-shape in the direction the player is looking. I have investigated disabling the grass on the minimap but the only result I got was flickering grass, which isn't really a solution. As with the "General Rule" you can notice the same with the real local map.

Version History

* Fixed issues with certain worldspaces that have a separate worldmap (e.g. Better Imperial City).

* Mapmarkers now only create a hud element when they first become visible, this should significantly improve initialization after restart.
* Mapmarkers added by discovery should now be updated to their actual status right away, instead of displayed as 'cannot travel to' until the next mapmarker cycle.
* Doors that are marked as 'hidden' are now excluded on the local minimap.
* Made dynamic map support configurable.

* The minimap no longer needs to be toggled on manually when first installed.
* Rewrote icon system for better control. This should also fix a few problems with misplaced and disappearing icons.
* Changed the debugging for readability and speed, also added new setting for debug logging if ConScribe is installed.

* Discarded old code and rewrote everything introducing lots and lots of new stuff.
* The local and world minimap should now be as close to the actual map as possible while still leaving enough room to customize.

Contact and Feedback

Should you have any questions or comments, you can PM me (kyoma) at the Elder Scrolls Forum or post in the forum thread (see top of readme). Due to management difficulties I most likely won't read or respond to any other messaging.