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Last updated at 1:05, 16 Jul 2009 Uploaded at 1:00, 16 Jul 2009

Only change done of late is to the link for compatibility patch. Old link no longer functions.
There is a compatibility patch for this and many other mods that conflict with UL. Get it here:
Thanks to d181sp1 for pointing this out to me so I could post the info here.

In real life, forests, plains, swamps, meadows, vacant lots, etc, we see trails. There are not very many in the game. So, to add a bit of realism, I made a few.

Since my character does not fast travel, nor ride a horse, I did the trails with foot traffic in mind. Faster horses can be injured in places, and parts of the East trail can be fatal if the horse goes off the cliff ledge. You have been warned, so don't cry and complain if injury or death happens to your character or horse.

If you have tall grass in your game, it may obscure the trails.
I suggest you turn the grass off or use a low poly grass mod (or both). Two yellow-gold bushes mark each trail entrance. JPGs of trail entrances and map locations included in zip.
No photo of Kvatch encampment entrance since it’s easy to find; and also, at The Drunken Dragon Inn, there is an entrance (for those that wish to spend the night in luxury after a long day hiking). Each trail has a few campsites left by other travelers. Use them if you need to.
And, by following the trails, you may discover places you didn’t know existed.

There may be conflicts with mods that add roads, change the landscape, and any isolated building mods the trails may go through.

Unzip to location of choice, move trail esp files to Oblivion data folder; check in OBMM, or Data Files in game start up. All files start with word “Trail”, so they should be easy to find.
Feel free to use esp files as bases for expansion or for your own projects, but I would appreciate credit for my work.

Thanks to Carah and Antonio for doing test runs, walks, etc; Bethesda for making Oblivion, Darkone for having Nexus where this was uploaded, and to you for downloading and hopefully enjoying the trails.