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Welcome to the "About Me" page of the inventor of Battle Bunny Beer

and creator of Nude Mud Crab Watching
If things seem vain, remember, this is the "About Me" page and
dammit, for a change it is about me.


PC gamer since 1984.

"Consoles are for children, PCs are for adults." 

I do not speak English, I speak 'Merican.  There is a big difference....

What some consider paranormal, I consider reality.

No, I don't suffer from insanity....I enjoy every damned minute of it !


If you are reading this in my "NexusMods" mini profile ( where you download

mods ), click on the "Forum Profile" box just under the picture of me in armor...

they changed the format of things so I had to edit this comment.  Anyway, you can

see this at:  "The Nexus Forums" profile...where it is much easier to read, plus,

for a limited time only, you can see all of the pictures and vids. yay !   

Autographs for sale in the lobby.....


I have released 9 mods (12 if you count the three I've taken down),

helped work on another person's, beta tested 34 mods, made about

ten that were never made public, and then suddenly, much to my surprise...

a bit of sanity returned....


About  screen shots:

I've posted over a thousand humor screenies in Oblivion,
460 shots in Skyrim, a few in Fallout 3, a few for Morrowind,

and 1 in FONV.

Oblivion shots are in two parts, some when Oblivion

came out, and some when my character returned to Cyrodiil

after she was in Skyrim... two hundred years after the Oblivion

Crisis, which are mainly the larger quest mods.  They

are numbered with AIC before the numbers.  AIT prefix

are those the first time around.


Links open separate page. 


Posted a picture in Supporter Images. May be offensive to

people that do not have hands...

or twits that do not endorse mods. 


Screenies can be found by clicking on the

"Nexus Profile" tab on the left.

Pick your choice of Oblivion or Skyrim....

Best viewed in NAME ASC order.


Skyrim screen shots start with AIS 001...from when

she enters Skyrim on the cart ride, and progress

to the point where she leaves.


Oblivion screen shots:

Aug 2013, I re-numbered the pictures with prefix AIT.

Starts out with early works, ends with misc pictures.

To follow Gersilla's adventures, start with picture

AIT 0371, when her and Carah enter the Shivering

Isles, goes through the desert, Nehrim, guilds, and

through the main quest, to AIT 0996. The AIC series

takes place when Gersilla returned to Cyrodiil, after

her adventures in Skyrim.


My favourite Skyrim screenies:


Quit counting after getting killed 100 times:


My favourite Oblivion screenie...with over 9000 views

...and it is number 10 in the all time top 100.

...woo hoo... happy dance.... mom would be proud....

Here is an example of a magazine cover for Oblivion:


I'm somewhat of a purest. Don't use PhotoShop.
My editing program is iPhoto Plus which came out in 1996. It's very
limited on what it can do, so there is very little retouching done.
Carah has been after me to upgrade to a newer program, but I say if
it's not broke, don't fix it. I was the first person to post humour shots
in Nexus. I did it to help offset the nude (which was allowed at the time)
and nearly nude pictures posted. I have a wide open sense of humour,
and unlike so many others, do not find computer generated graphics
women sexy. Cute, maybe.... sexy... no. I reserve those thoughts for

real women because they are sexy.

Gersilla in Skyrim


Gersilla is not a Bosmer, but a Sidhe, the first born to the Duke and

Duchess of The Mallorn Forrest. Helina is her twin sister. Master

of the bow, an adept in destructive magics, so good a thief, she can

steal the pants off a person walking past

She hates rudeness and often goes loggerheads with authoritative

figures. In all Elder Scrolls games she has a "portable home" which

was a gift from her mother but has been modified to fit each game.

While still young, Gersilla (Gerstley at the time) ran afoul of a magical

artifact that over a period of months changed her from a male to female.

feeling she shamed her father because she could not pass on the

family name, she fled home and has been roaming since.
Gersilla has been my heroine for years, even back when she was just

pen and paper, from a D&D type game. She is 361 years old at the

time of Skyrim.Family portrait of Gersilla and Helina when they were

children  http://oblivion.nexu...m/images/101512
Gersilla finished her adventures in Skyrim 16 Nov 2012, and went 

to a warmer somewhere in Nevada, but got pulled

back to Cyrodiil.  Last picture posted in Skyrim will tie in with her

adventures when she returned to Skingrad, having been summoned

by Duchess Aurelia Amnis' sorceress.  Pictorial story starts with the

number AIC 000, the intro shot. Best viewed via my mini profile in

NAME  ASC order.



Testing out how well Bandicam works for Skyrim. Sorry HUD was not

disabled. Usually don't play in 3rd person, hence Gersilla's ackward

movements at times. Please notice the "Wilhelm scream"

( often used in movies ) can be heard a few times. The one with the

lightening flickering around her is Helina. Just the way she prefers

to protect herself.

Music is "Time is Tight" by Booker T and the MGs. It is Gersilla's theme song.


Gersilla and the dead puppet girl, by request from viewers seeing a static screenshot.





Gersilla in Fallout New Vegas


Helina (left) is armed with a sniper carbine. Gersilla (center) carries a 12.7mm submachine gun,

Carah (the short one) uses a mauser because she prefers to get up close and personal. we look like "The Village People" or what ?  And, in Fallout 3, we looked pretty

much the same, just different armor but Gersilla managed to have the fireman hat there.
The picture on the wall was taken by Amnis in the game Oblivion, at The Hoser Hut, a pub mod

real life Carah made. Amnis' character Julia is the one with arms crossed, Carah is standing next

to her. Fufu, the Battle Bunny is next to Julia. The twit in the background with his arms spread is

Malachi. I liked Amnis' picture so much it is not only in the mod named above, it is also a desktop

in real life, in Gersilla's portable home in Skyrim, FO3,  FONV, and also in her home during the

second play of Oblivion. The Hoser Hut mod has special meaning to Carah and I, as also does

the picture. Amnis' picture has appeared in the background in a number of screen shots. It can

be viewed full size here:

The Hoser Hut for the game Oblivion can be found here:

Though a very good mod, it does not have many endorsements because Carah locked out

the comment and endorsement sections. 

Any the how, back to the picture in the picture above. That is a Skingrad banner on the wall

that countess Julia "gave" to Gersilla during the game Oblivion and has been the topic of

discussion in a number of screenshots.

The symbol of four diamonds making a cross in the circle is registered to me in real life.

Motto: unum facit quod potest


Gersilla in Oblivion:
She started the game by herself, but shortly after meeting real life Carah,
she made a copy of her player character Carah for Gersilla to have as a
companion. Then Fufu, the beer drinking, arse kicking Battle Bunny joined
them. He was only going to be in three screen shots as a mod plug, but
Gersilla decided to take him into "Gates of Asguaard". He became the most
popular character of my Oblivion pictures so he had to stay. While in
Shivering Isles, Helina, Gersilla's twin sister, came into the game. and

revealed Gersilla's deepest secret. I always wanted to play twins, so

here was my chance. Dog was a reward for one of the quests and,

well...Fufu needed a companion so he stayed.


We Are Family



Gersilla in front, Carah in blue, and Helina. Dog and
Fufu, the beer drinkin' arse kickin' Battle Bunny.
Often it is those supporting the main character that
make them a hero....




Gersilla in Morrowind


Had not played Morrowind since it came out in 2002; and due to the work of

fantastic modders, the graphics have drastically improved.  We thank them.

Perhaps this is not the face I would prefer, but the game is limited on character creation. just say she looks like this because she was very young at the time....




Malachi Delacot:
I was born a small child a long time ago. Grew up in the military; lived in
California, Virginia, Wyoming, Spain, Nebraska, South Dakota, Texas, and
Colorado. Been in 48 of the US states, seven countries, and peed in three
different oceans.
Carah, known in Nexus and TesAlliance for her wonderful house mods,

also "Horses Gone Wild", is very dear to me. Her and I met in

the Nexus Forums thread "You Know What I Like" in May 2008.

First comments, then PMs, followed by email, IM, then phone calls and

Skype. I had her fly from Canada to Colorado for in person visits.

Romance grew and 27 Dec 2011 we lived together in Colorado for

about two and a half years, and were engaged for almost Seven years.

A border now separates us, and, for reasons, I can not go into Canada,

nor can she enter The States, so some things are not meant to be.....

Her mods can be seen via her mini profile here:


Delacot is not my real last name, but Malachi (Mal ah ki - rhymes with sky)
is my real first name. I use Delacot because it's the name I used in
The Society for Creative Anachronism, and who knows, somebody
I know from there might just find me that way.

Below is a picture taken during a melee, at a RenFair in Texas.

Yes, I actually know how to sword fight. Favourite weapons are sword and

madu.  Weapon in picture is Morgenstern, Those of you that are

familiar with the SCA, I am a squire, and a HL.

Don't expect me to ever show my face in a photo because there is court

order against it and I don't want to be arrested for "public ugly".



Blessed Be

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