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Changes the Detect Life shader. Eight styles, five sizes, two blend modes... eighty options. Invisible-savvy!

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A set of Detect Life shader replacements, all of which work against invisible creatres. They all use the same basic particle and generally the same color scheme (white/yellow/red), but there are two different color transition patterns and each has four particle paths, for a total of eight different effects. For each of these, there are five different particle sizes; and for each of those, there are two blending modes.

The sizes are Tiny, Small, Medium, Large and Huge. Even the Huge particles are significantly smaller than the Vanilla clouds! Depending on your hardware and video settings, Tiny or even Small particles may become very dim or fade out completely beyond a certain range. This is a deliberate LOD optimization within Oblivion, and I haven't found a way to disable it; if you are affected, just pick a larger particle.

Mode 1 (Chroma) -
Particles are vivid, but cannot be seen through a pure white obstacle.

Mode 2 (Alpha) -
Particles can be seen through any obstacle, but sometimes look muddy or dull.

(The first four use shrinking particles. They start white and quickly turn yellow, shrinking slowly at first, then rapidly shrinking and turning deep red, like a fading ember. The average color of the cloud is pale yellow.)

Escape Velocity -
Particles circle once around their point of birth, then shoot away.

Fountain of Sparks -
Particles spray in all directions, then lose velocity and drift down.

Pyrotechnic Burst -
Particles fly out rapidly and accelerate until they die.

Searing Cascade -
Particles fall straight down like a pouring liquid.

(The second four use particles of a fixed size. They fade in from white to yellow, turn red and opaque, then fade back through yellow and white. The average color of the cloud is deep orange.)

Molten Aura -
Particles drift randomly, but never go far.

Orbital Motion -
Particles fly out and back as if invisibly tethered.

Skeleton Glow -
Particles remain glued to the creature's skeleton, highlighting it.

Venting Plasma -
Particles churn about, constrained but finally escaping like puffs of vapor.

2.1:OMOD-ready thanks to SirFrederick, Tekuromoto and ShadeMe.
2.0:I went crazy, now there's eighty.
1.0:First release, equivalent to Fountain - Tiny - 1.