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Silgrad Tower "The Forgotten Garden" offers new lands to explore, several fully voiced, unique characters and hundreds of new, handmade models. You'll get to explore new dungeons and work your way through new quests, and may even find yourself the owner of an estate with plenty of storage capabilities.

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UPDATED 29 th of November 2020.

The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion
Silgrad Tower - Forgotten Garden Teaser Mod (v 1.0)
Release Date - November 30th 2009// Re-Release November 29th 2020 on Nexus

Created by the Silgrad Tower team.


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It's not allowed to use our assets, plz check FAQ # 7.


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The mod has been downloaded over 15000 times and we would like to thank everyone for playing The Forgotten Garden.

The Silgrad Tower team is proud to present our teaser mod, entitled The Forgotten Garden. With it, we hope to give players hours of entertainment as well as an impression of what our full, future release will be like. A lot of us in the team pooled together to work on the teaser and we feel it represents the best of our work, ranging from quests and AI to voice work and models.

"The Forgotten Garden" offers new lands to explore, several fully voiced, unique characters and hundreds of new, handmade models. You'll get to explore new dungeons and work your way through new quests, and may even find yourself the owner of an estate with plenty of storage capabilities. Once you enter Morrowind, you'll notice many differences from Cyrodiil... pay keen attention to the rumors to learn the lay of this new land.

Long ago, Dark Elves belonging to Great House Redoran settled on a peaceful, green island that would one day become the most beautiful garden in all of Morrowind. On that island grew mysterious and exotic plants, unlike any others that dotted the vast and diverse landscapes of Tamriel. However, Redoran is a warrior society, not a society of gardeners, and they eventually left the island in search of land suitable for sustaining war. The garden was all but a forgotten legend just a few years later.

A few decades ago Lord Tadanil Balothan of the Redoran Council rediscovered the island, along with all of its natural mysteries. He founded a settlement, and named it The Forgotten Garden. Under his leadership the settlement returned the island to its former glory. Settlers, and even some guilds, are hearing word about the many wonders that surround this garden.

However, the Garden is facing a threat. With Lord Tadanil's recent passing, local bandits are on the rise. Rumours are spreading that the settlement will soon fall to ruins, with the garden left to quietly waste away...

How to install
Extract the contents of the downloaded archive to your Oblivion\Data folder. Then start Oblivion, tick Oblivion.esm and Silgrad_Tower_T.esm and Silgrad_Tower_T.esp, and you can start playing the mod. You'll get a journal entry shortly afterwards. Follow the clues in the entry to begin your journey. NOTE: The transportation spell only works outside city walls and when you're not in combat. SI isn't required.

To uninstall, simply delete the following files from your Oblivion\Data folder:
Also open the Oblivion\Data\Music folder and delete the silgrad folder.

Some players reported a problem with the teleport spell, cause unknown.
If so, please use the console and type "coc w0".

If you use the Knights of the Nine add-on you'll hear a few rumors related to this mod. All other rumors from the game have been disabled while you are in ST worldspaces. Rumors from Oblivion and other mods will still be heard outside of ST worldspaces. Since our mod does not alter anything related to Oblivion there should be no other compatibility issues.

1. When will Silgrad Tower be finished?
We don't have a deadline we're working against, preferring instead to maintain a healthy level of fun by modding at our own pace and often doing jobs on the side within our mod that might not count towards our goals for release, but are just plain fun to do. We'll release when the regions are generated, our cities have reached a highly playable state and there are roads connecting our towns and larger villages. Naturally we will continue working after we've released, and add more and more content to our mod throughout Oblivion's lifespan.

Please check our forum for news of our full release, Silgrad Tower v4.0 [WIP].

2. Why don't you just use TES3 models?
It's illegal to distribute Bethesda's models and other assets, meaning that if we ripped TES3 models we would be regarded as an illegal mod and couldn't operate on ESF and other crucial places. We're in it for the long haul, and some of us are already looking forward to an eventual fifth Elder Scrolls game which makes it even more important that we have a firm platform to stand on that doesn't compromise Bethesda's copyrights in any way. Besides that consideration the models in TES3 were highly optimized, to make them run on a mid-range computer in 2002, and would have needed extensive work on them just to bring them up to technical par with what you'd expect from Oblivion. For an experienced modeller, editing an old model in that way and making it look good is usually more work than creating it from scratch.

3. Are you modding Vvardenfell?
No, we are modding a region of the Morrowind Province's mainland situated west of Vvardenfell. This release is a preview of that work.

4. Will you make the whole Morrowind Province?
Perhaps we will expand our landmass in the future as the existing region gets completed, but modding the whole Morrowind Province is not our goal. Our goal is to make the part that we DO mod the best we possibly can.

5. What does the term "Dunmer" mean?
"Dunmer" is the name dark elves prefer to call themselves. The term "dark elf" is an Imperial invention.

6. What does the term "Redoran" mean?
To say it succinctly, it is a political power in the Morrowind Province who controls the western-most sliver of the Province.

7. Can I use your models/textures in my mod?
The short answer is no. The longer answer is that if you want to use something *specific* then please contact sandor or TheImperialDragon ([email protected] or [email protected]), because you might be allowed to use it. An example is Tarnsman, who was granted personal permission to use the ingredient meshes in his "Morrowind Ingredients" mod.

Breaking our right to exclusivitivity would be a copyright violation and only result in locked threads/deleted uploads for you and tighter privacy arrangements for us. Given that a lot of modellers share their work freely as modders' resources there's no apparant reason why anyone would want to take our stuff; the only reason one can think of is if they are pursuing the same ideas we are - that of recreating the Morrowind Province. They would be welcome to do so, because a little healthy competition is just a good thing, but to try and do so using our own models and textures against us is unfair.

If someone wants to use our assets we would like them to become part of the team instead. We have a history of giving a wide berth to modders who come to us and wants to work together with us on their own pet projects, and they enjoy substantial freedom in the framework of the Silgrad Tower team. Not to mention access to helpful teammembers whom holds expertise in a wide area of the realm of modding, and whom all work towards the same goal. That's what is so great about being in a team, there's always someone there who knows more than you do about something who can help you out when you get stuck, and you may know more about something than he does, and so everyone has a good time and gets to see their creative dreams fulfilled in our massive, sprawling lands. The writer of this very readme was in the same place a few years ago as any new modder in the team is. I'm still here, and having more fun than ever. Give our team a chance and I'm sure it will grow on you the same way it has on me.

Internal credits
The Core team, honorary members modders and everyone who participated. Razorwing, TheImperialDragon and SACarrow for their models.
Razorwing for hosting Silgrad Tower on silgrad.com.

External credits
Mr Siika for his resource packs e.g. cliffs, seagulls, chickens and fishing boat.
Kafeid for the Elegant Vests resource.
someone1074 for the capes & cloaks resource.
Ghogiel for the Bonemold armor, as well as Cryo and Shmbling_Horde for their Bonemold helmets.
Grimdeath, B3w4r3, Martigen, Syko Fox, Cryo, Mdogger, Xmarksthespot, Cryonaut, Orix, Renzeekin, and Grimenir for their Lore Creatures Expansion pack.
Prometheus for the statue set 'Prom' some of which adorn the Forgotten Garden.
Phitt for his help in greatly improving the FPS issue in the Forgotten Garden 2.0 beta release. Phitt for his Dwemer and Daedric tileset.

Special thanks to Koniption for her work on the lift, the Dres Scuttler the jellyfish; nick_op for his technical work on the LCE creatures and farm animals, and for animating the seagulls; and The Modax Jago for his work on the mesh and texture for the Kwama forager as well as nick_op for his skeleton, rigging, animations and SACarrow for his sounds and getting textures for two different UV maps working together as one on the Kwama forager. We would also like to thank Bethesda for making Oblivion, the makers and contributors of TES4Gecko for providing the ultimate modding tool, the makers of TES4Edit, TES4Files, and the makers of NifSkope for creating the perfect application for NIF-related work. Ibsen's ghost for his extensive voice-work.
If you're not on the list please contact us and we'll add you to the credits.

If you have questions regarding our mod, please post them on our forum and a team member will answer you promptly.