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The best vampire mod in the universe! Completely overhauls player vampirism with awesome powers, adds vampire clans and lets you talk to other vampires.

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This mod completely overhauls vampirism with a ton of new dialogue, messages, abilities, perks - and drawbacks. Being a vampire is now challenging, but extremely rewarding, and a new way to experience the game. 

As a non-vampire you may encounter vampires at night when travelling outside (unless you take precautions). These are not your friends, and are looking to feed on you - which will leave you infected with Porphyric Hemophilia. You can, however, convince them into leaving you alone or even aiding you in combat, if you have the right attributes.

When you do become a vampire you start off as a junkie, completely dependant on a constant supply of blood after surviving your own death (which is what Porphyric Hemophilia now causes). Staying fed will keep you physically strong and hide your vampiric appearance, which lets you speak and interact with mortals as you normally would. Going hungry will reduce your physical attributes (but enhance your magical ones) and make your vampirism obvious, meaning that most mortals will be too scared to talk to you and that the sun will fry you into a crisp. If you do not feed you will eventually turn into a ghost, which mostly has huge drawbacks but also a few unique benefits (such as undead becoming friendly to you and being able to slip through locked doors).

As you feed, you grow older and more powerful, and your hunger recedes. Your powers begin to awaken, allowing you to hypnotize mortals so that they ignore your fangs, and you will be able to chat and trade with other vampires, join clans and do quests for them. Eventually you become a force of unholy terror that can spread plague, control the weather, sire mortals as blood-bound servants, hear the praises of the vampire society sung to you, and even transform into a winged beast and rain doom from above. There is also a vampire lair that becomes available to you at a certain point, meaning you always have a place to stay.

But, as you age the sun becomes ever more lethal to you, reflecting your descent into monstrosity - and eventually you will draw the attention of vampire hunters. Both of these issues can be dealt with, but how you choose to do so is up to you.

For a more thorough description, read the manual!

Also check out the videos in the Videos tab. Screenshots coming soon...