Chapter 1 - The Dwarves Of The Mountain by Emerald Demond
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"Ah used teh worship the ground 'e walked on!

An' he goes and does this!

Kill him! Kill him now! Kill him for wha' he has done teh us!"

From the sandy beaches of the Abecean Sea to the swampy marshes of Blackwood, from the chilly windswept cliffs of Blizzard Peak to the boiling lava tunnels of the Great Mine, The Dwarves Of The Mountain takes you on the first chapter of an immerse journey, where you are thrown into a society of troubled Dwarves who are being ruled by an iron-fisted King, who of late has begun enslaving, and even killing the Dwarves of their fair city deep in the Jerall Mountains. Your quest is to infiltrate the mountain dwelling to discover the source of the King's new-found madness, while solving clues and completing tasks along the way, even being called upon by a great Dwarven sorcerer. Can you help this distraught society before it's too late? For them, and you?

To begin "Chapter 1 - The Dwarves Of The Mountain", talk to the residents of Bruma about the recent unusual avalanche in the Jerall Mountains; DO NOT activate "Chapter 2 - The Society Of The Atronach" until after you have completed the first chapter's storyline to prevent conflict issues...

"Chapter 1 - The Dwarves Of The Mountain" consists of eighteen individual quests, fifteen of which relate to the Main Storyline, and three additional Side Quests:

DMM0001 - "Aging Gracefully"

When the town of Bruma is shaken by an almighty avalanche in the nearby mountain ranges, the entrance to a long lost mine is uncovered, and strange people begin turning up in the quiet snowy city...
DMM0002 - "Rarest Of Plants"

In a bid to fulfill the wants and desires of an elderly Dwarf not long for this world, you begin searching for an assortment of unusual items, including a rare alchemical ingredient said to be harvested only by an expert...
DMM0003 - "A Klutz Of All Trades"

In a bid to fulfill the wants and desires of an elderly Dwarf not long for this world, you begin searching for an assortment of unusual items, including a finely crafted Elven plate, but with the clumsiness of the artisan, you'd best be quick before he breaks them all...
DMM0004 - "In Your Sights"

In a bid to fulfill the wants and desires of an elderly Dwarf not long for this world, you begin searching for an assortment of unusual items, including a quiver of arrows crafted from flawless emerald, and the only one who can do it is a little short of sight...
DMM0005 - "Deepsea Exploration"

In a bid to fulfill the wants and desires of an elderly Dwarf not long for this world, you begin searching for an assortment of unusual items, including a bottle of seawater from the oceans far beyond the horizon, only you're going to have to go to the bottom of the nearest one just to see a sample...
DMM0007 - "Between A Rock And A Hard Place"

The guard garrison of the Dwarven City was badly damaged during the avalanche, and now the entire city's platoon is gathering together to try and assess the damage, and see if any survivors can be recovered from the wreckage...
DMM0008 - "All The King's Men"

The King of the Dwarven City is well known, but certainly not for the right reasons, but the only way to reach him and find out for yourself just what kind of a man he is, first you're going to have to get past his personal guards...
DMM0011 - "Dwarven Exile"

Having witnessed the King's new policy on outsiders by being forcibly removed from the mines, you'll have to enlist the help of your elderly Dwarven friend to find another way back into the city to continue your investigation...
DMM0012 - "The Geomancer"

With no leads remaining, the only option left is to search out the rumor spoken of a powerful Dwarven sorcerer that lives atop a mountain on the snowy face of Blizzard Peak, and try and persuade him to join the Dwarves in their struggle against the King...
DMM0013 - "Hero Of The Dwemer"

After speaking with The Geomancer, I have been told that these humble Dwarves are in fact the fabled lost race known as the Dwemer, and that I am the Hero foretold by ancient prophecy that will free them from their enslavement by the mad King...
DMM0014 - "Into The Great Mines"

After freeing the many Dwarves you had no choice in sealing away, there is word that the King's one desire is to dig deeper into the mountains through the mines, searching for an object of great power that will intensify his power beyond his already dizzying limits...
DMM0015 - "Orichalcum"

After recovering a rare ore from deep inside an ancient ruin occupied by unusual golden haired elves, you discover that this may just be what you need to break whatever curse has been placed upon the King, but only once it has been refined by a smith you've already been acquainted with...
DMM0016 - "Upheaval Of The Evil King"

With the quiver of Orichalcum Arrows strapped firmly to your back, it is time to go to battle as the guards of the city band together with the Dwarves you've met on your journey for one final showdown against the cruel and corrupted King...
DMM0017 - "Showdown On Blizzard Peak"

With the curse broken, the King reveals as to whom the true evil one among the Dwarves really is, and as an act of redemption for the atrocities he had committed under enchantment, gives his life to save you, but this information has come at an even greater cost than first realized...
DMM0018 - "Escape From Dwarf Mountain"

With the final battle over and the mountains cleansed of the evil taint, the mines begin to collapse due to the evil one's last will, and the sheer colossal scale of your battle, and it's up to you to get the Dwarves safely evacuated from the mountain before it's too late...


The story continues in "Chapter 2 - The Society Of The Atronach" - http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/32677//?


DMM0006 - "Built For A Bigg'n"

A down on his luck Dwarf has tried to create real estate opportunities for outsiders in a bid to corner the market and make his fortune, but with the new laws passed by the King, he's not getting too many takers...
DMM0009 - "The Botanist's Legacy"

With the King's personal gardener having fled the mines, his own garden has been left in the hands of his averagely-skilled apprentice, and unfortunately he's having trouble meeting this year's quota...
DMM0010 - "Things That Go Bump In The Night"

The local inn may seem like a warm and cozy place to stay, but rumors have been floating around about the innkeeper, and just what may be on the mysterious second and third floors that no one is to speak about...

This mod does not come with voice files, and is therefore difficult, or sometimes impossible, to read dialogue; I strongly suggest you download "OBSE Universal Silent Voice" by Elys (http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/16622//?) before playing this mod...

DLC "The Orrery" - This plugin is necessary to properly show the textures on the main display structure in the Geomancer's Conservatory...
DLC "Shivering Isles" - This plugin is necessary to display two sets of eye textures that appear in this mod...

The final battle music is "First Mission" from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core...

A big thank you goes out to Vorians, my mentor, at the Bethesda Softworks Forums for his help with the latest patch...


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