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Improvements to your Dark Brotherhood experience. Includes player-owned bed & safe storage chest for new members, private Listener chambers, additional Listener gear, recolored black Shrouded Armor with improved hood mesh, custom retexturing throughout the sanctuary, a family Porter, and more.

Permissions and credits
Better Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary v3.41

Better Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary (BDBS) is an encompassing collection of improvements to your Dark Brotherhood experience. Here's a complete list (I think):

When you first join, you will notice:

  • The existing sanctuary is now all one, unified cell, without load doors. Credits to TiberiusLazarus (Dark Brotherhood One Room).
  • Custom textures make the sanctuary more elegant, while maintaining the basic architecture and layout of the existing sanctuary.
  • Decor and clutter improvements throughout.
  • The default DB armor is now actually black for both genders (optional).
  • The default DB hood is now shaped like a mage's hood, but with the leather DB texture. Credits to Sonico717 (Dark Brotherhood Hood Replacer) (optional).
  • You have your own bed and safe storage chest in the dorm.
  • There is a porter named Harry on duty from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Telaendril, the elf, will now actually patrol outside the Abandoned House's entrance as her letter to Ocheeva states.
  • Vicente's chamber doors are now labeled in the same fashion as Ocheeva's.
  • There is a labeled, respawning dresser in the dorm containing extra DB armors and hoods. Ideal for companions.
  • Schemer got a DB-style makeover.
  • All NPC's AI packages were adjusted to accommodate the new sanctuary.
  • If you're a Cobl user, you'll also find The Luggage at the foot of your bed, as well as a Cobl sorter. There's also a dinner plate & water source in the dining area of the dorm.

------WARNING: possible spoilers ahead!------

The next time you enter the sanctuary after completing the quest chain and speaking to Arquen and then leaving again, you will notice:

  • You have your own quarters with safe storage at the end of the officers' hall, with an escape hatch that will deposit you neatly outside city walls. The first time you use your escape hatch, or if you discover it from outside, you'll get a map marker for fast-travel.
  • In a display case in your quarters, you'll find a special set of Sanguine Shrouded Gear, and two matching enchanted blades. The gear has the same stats as the original shrouded gear, but the values are the same as the Black Hand Robes.
  • Also in your quarters is a Black Altar. Functions as an Altar of the Nine, but in a more unchurchly way, and with no fame requirements.
  • Some seating has been made persistent and path grids have been added to your quarters, because now that it's a separate cell with a separate entrance, it should be safe for most companions.
  • Mage altar functionality has been added to the Listener's Chamber; though for the sake of game balance, it will not be functional unless the player has completed the requisite Mages Guild quests.
  • An alchemy lab has been added to the Listener's Chamber. The Cobl version of BDBS makes it usable via Cobl static apparati.
  • A Greater Power is available to the Listener to assist with dark duties. The spell tome can be found near the Black Altar.
  • Personalized NPC chests are de-personalized to make room for new recruits.
  • Ocheeva's quarters are renamed for Arquen, and Vicente's quarters are simply guest chambers. Ideal for underlings looking to sneak a nap, or for visiting officials.
  • Vicente's slab is replaced with an actual bed, and his desk replaced with a generic one. Also, murderers will be less likely to sleep there.
  • Arquen will now actually eat and sleep in her quarters.
  • In case you've lost any of your DB-related keys, there's a small respawning bag near the well exit containing one of each.
  • Three additional NPCs, much like the existing ones, but they don't have companion mode. One of them has a small stock of magical supplies and will recharge your weapons and teach you DB spells.
  • Between the two new vendors, everything unique to the original DB vendor is covered.
  • All 6 murderers have basic AI packages to mimic the activity of the sanctuary pre-Purification.
  • All the murderers are essential, are the player's level, have leveled weapons, and have names.
  • Your safe chest will have been moved by one of your lackeys to your new quarters.
  • If you have Cobl, your lackeys will also move your Alchemical Supplies and Luggage for you.
  • If you have NPC Face Color Unlocker or Optimized Facegen Files (or a similar mod), you will also notice that all 3 of the original murderers are now significantly more attractive - no more scary kindergoth girl!

------End spoilers!------

What this mod doesn't do:

This mod will not dramatically change the layout or stock feel of the sanctuary. It's a thousand times better, but it will still feel familiar and work how you expect it to.

This mod also does not alter the Abandoned House. There are lots of mods out there that do this already, and I prefer modularity. If you are looking for one, check out my Better Abandoned House here.

This mod does not include any new sanctuaries. If you are looking for new sanctuaries to use in tandem with BDBS, check out Arthmoor's A Brotherhood Renewed (which is 100% compatible with this mod), found here.

Support for many other mods is included in the main download, including:

  • A Cobl version of Better Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
  • A patch plugin for WillieSea's Assassin Tripwires
  • A patch plugin for See You Sleep, for the new custom beds
  • A replacement plugin for aralina81's Dark Brotherhood Chapel Memorial
  • A patch plugin for Whispered Warning (or any similar mod - the patch provides extra accomodations for the higher number of NPCs once the quest chain is complete)
  • Replacement armor meshes for Robert's Male, Exnem's EC Body, HGEC E-Cup and C-Cup, HGEC EBE, TGND, and FF
  • Replacement hood meshes for use with madmole's Shadowy Hoods

All meshes have been pyffi'd for best performance, all resources have unique file paths, and all plugins have been cleaned with TES4Edit for best compatibility.

New this version:
(Version unchanged, still 3.41)
  • Patch added for Slinky Kunoichi mod to prevent the chest from clipping into other objects.
  • Updated package folder structure to leave more room for adding patches, and updated docs with proper URLs and with info for new patch.

The latest official Oblivion patch (

Mod Installation Guide
Mod Troubleshooting Guide

Thanks to/for, in no particular order:

  • Qarl for the normal maps for the new floor texture and the color map base for the round rug
  • Sonico717 for the idea for the new hood shape
  • TiberiusLazarus for the base of the unified Sanctuary
  • WillieSea for allowing me to have his way with his very excellent Tripwires mod
  • aralina81 for Dark Brotherhood Chapel Memorial
  • mmmpld for See You Sleep & bed mesh
  • madmole for Shadowy Hoods
  • Pheonix Amon for the original Ingredient Storage Shelves
  • Exnem, Gryhs, RAIAR, the HGEC Eve Team, Luchaire, Kalia, Robert, and TeamFF for the replacement armor meshes (these credits are further detailed in the separate Readme included with those meshes)
  • Athray & YX33A for playtesting
  • InsanitySorrow for the better than awesome architecture retexture

You may re-use any of this mod's scripts or resources in your own Oblivion mods, as long as you don't charge money for it, you credit me for my work, and you credit anyone I credited for their work.

If you would like to alter this mod and share your changes, please do so in the form of a patch that depends on this mod rather than replaces the user's copy of my version. This way users can have both your changes and any future updates I make, and I can be solely responsible for my own bugs.

Do not re-host or re-post this mod without asking me first via private message at TESAlliance, Nexus, or the official Bethsoft Forums. If I do not respond within two weeks to your permissions request, contact DarkRider at TESAlliance.

Please enjoy. =)