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A colourized local map that still looks like a map and blends well into any UI (including DarkUI).

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Morth's Local Map Replacement 1.0
Provides a new local map appearance that makes "inside" and "outside" better visible.


This mod contains a new local map shader that allows you to see the "solid" areas of a map more clearly. It also makes the map appear like it has been colorized afterwards. It looks great in conjunction with the Cyrodiil Terrain Map mod.

To be more exact, the point of this mod is to colorize the map like bLocalMapShader=0, but have the background shine through for unexplored/inaccessible areas (very important for DarkUI users), and still have a bit of vanilla "hand drawn map" appearance. This makes the local map much more immersive, despite being a colour map.

This also helps you to see passages and objects beneath other areas. You'll see the outline of the lower area, and the colour of the upper area. Check the waterfront screenshot: Tree canopies hide parts of the big wall, but you can still see the wall outline.


You definitely need OBMM, the Oblivion Mod Manager for this addon. I recommend it anyway, because it is a great way to manage your addons.

Just activate the omod and answer the following questions, the map will be changed with no further action neccessary. If you don't like it, deactivate the omod and obmm will automatically restore the original shader, leaving no trace of this mod behind.

The .pso files included in the omod can be imported into a sdp editor if you want to modify them.


Since this mod uses obmm's EditShader function instead of replacing entire sdp packages, it will be compatible with other shader mods unless they alter the map shaders as well.

This mod will not conflict with any non-shader mods, and will not affect your save game in any way.

For DarkUI users, a matching background is supplied. The installation procedure asks if you want to use it.