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Provides Static regional bounties, Dynamic no psychic guards, and testing of COBL guard knock outs

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This mod is outdated and is now maintained within SupreMe Overhaul

This mods primary purpose is to just provide a regional bounty system. Each city has there own bounty. The imperial city and the wilderness use the same bounty as i always imagine the patrols to report to the IC on there endevours.
Each city has particular limits of bounty that when reached is made a global bounty and all cities will be aware of the crime. Note more increases of bounty in that city wont be added to global bounty again until the limit is reached.

Includes full support for gray cowl, TG pay off fines.

Dynamic no psychic guards
This feature dynamically modifies the hearing distance of guards from crimes. At low bounty levels it is 1000 distance units (original no psychic guard value) but as bounty increases this value increases. Maximum limit is 4000 distance units that matches the vanilla value and will occur at a bounty of 10000. The idea behind here is wondering threw a town with a super high bounty means there would be more communication between towns foke.

Obviously this feature makes no psychic guards redundent.

Now use the weather to your advantage. When it rains the hearing distance of guards is reduced.

Guard Knock out

If you are using the mod COBL this feature will work much more reliably

Get COBL here:
you only need the COBL.esm for minimal impact.

If you resist arrest with guards they will only knock you out at 0 health and put you in prison. This feature uses COBL's death handling system. The death of player is classed as fake so other real death handlers wont affect this behavior. If for some reason the guard fail to arrest you in time you will regain consiousness.

Note you will not be knocked out if you wear the grey cowl or are escaping from jail. The reason for this is the grey fox is a high wanted criminal and jailors all have strict regulations on killing escaping prisoners.

In the shivering isles (if you have it installed) all guards are not going to knock you out to take you to jail. They will just kill you instead (unless of course you are sheogorath himself)

If you do not have COBL then you will be knocked out and sent to jail when your health is less than 20% (can be modified in the ini)

(You can force the non COBL method to be used in the ini even if you do have COBL installed)

If you are not arrested within 10 seconds of being knocked out you will regain consciousness which gives you a chance to escape the guards

Bounties Decrease over time
This is an optional feature that can be enabled in the ini so that your bounties decrease over time. Bounties decrease by a particular fixed amounts based on the city per day.

Requirements: Oblivion Script Extender v17 (OBSE) -
Optional Requirement: Common Oblivion (COBL)

Copy the SM Bounty.esp to your Oblivion/Data folder and activate

If you use COBL you have the option to enable the COBLDeathFix.esp which should help catch and prevent a few more deaths of the player.

Known issues
The guard knockout detection is not perfect (although the COBL version does a better job) and in the cases where it fails you will just sink forever into the ground. For immersion you can just think of it that this guard didn't want to spare you.
The bounties decrease over time feature can result in a small bounty being lost on the stroke of midnight.
If you enable blackouts they dont always work when you are in an interior location and there is a delay in the blackout dispersing if you recover from a knock out.
Guards persuing over long distances to display arrest dialogue dosn't stop crime gold changing to new locations so it will be different or even 0 by the time they catch up again.

Reneers Guard Overhaul - With the ini you can disable the regional bounty and dynamic no psychic guards. Then disable reneers guard knock outs. Reneer will now use the new COBL method to knock out guards. Note that reneers dosn't take account of this knockout too well resulting in your crime gold sometimes being set to 0.

If you use this mod with my RGO OBSE Configuration mod you can turn on dynamic no psycic guards which will succesfully be applied to reneers guard overhaul for you.

Version History
- Fixed Skrivva not able to pay off bounties if the bounties only exist in other regions.
- Further refinements for city region detection on the world map.

- Improved region detection to prevent weird oddities like a door archway to the city being wilderness instead of the city region.

- Added OBSE check.
- Improved the non-cobl method of guard knockout by using clever detection of average damage hit rates to prevent knockouts in addition to the min health percentage check.
- Fixed bug relating to crime gold being lost across region when escaping combat to a different region.
- Fixed a bug resulting in crime gold gained while in jail being lost.

- Fixed calculation issue in dynamic guard weather detection.

- Fixed a scripting error with global bounties in bravil.
- Fixed support for ModCrimeGold and SetCrimeGold to 0.
- Added ini setting to dynamic psychic guards so that when its raining the hearing distance is reduced.

- Fixed a bug where you couldn't pay off bounties at theives guild if your bounties where at other locations.

- Added screen blurring to replace the old buggy screen blackout system that was disabled in 1.20. Can be disabled in the ini.

- Major bug fixes and behavioural improvements (Now requires OBSE 17)
- Improved COBLDeathFix player death detection slightly.
- Fixed bounty clearing issues in skingrad or any other city whos cell structure would be similar to skingrad.
- Fixed issues with the non-cobl death handler system.
- Added ini option to use both cobl and non-cobl handlers at the same time (two points of protection from death is better than 1 and is the default option (obviously if the player dosn't have COBL then it will still only use the non-COBL system)
- Ini option to turn on or off the screen black out when you are knocked out.
- Improved guard response when you die (i.e will ignore ur body if under other threats) and made movement to address you smoother.
- If guards notice you when you are first escaping jail they will be out to kill you and running outside the prison no longer makes you immune again until you lose the prison guards.
- Reduced health you regain to a fixed amount when you recover from a knock out if a guard fails to take you to jail in time.
- Fixed an issue where any crime you did, you would only be kept 1 day in jail with just 1 skill point lost when you should be losing alot more.

- SM Bounty and SM Bounty - No Cobl have merged back together. Now if you have COBL it will automatically use the COBL knockouts, otherwise it will use the new non-COBL knockouts.
- Added new esp CoblDeathFix that makes johnguydudes changes to the COBL death script. Only use if guard knockouts are killing you (This MAY prevent that)
- Added a very basic optional feature for bounties to decrease over time (disabled by default)

- Added SM Bounty - NoCobl.esp for those who dont want to have to use COBL. Note as trade off there are no guard knockouts in this esp.

- Implemented Johnguydude's fixed cobl death script so that the final 1% of deaths are now caught by guard knockouts.
- Fixed issue of the nearest guard not being used to arrest the player in guard knockouts.
- SI isn't required but if you do have it SI guards will not intially knock you out. Only if you become head of mania/dementia or sheogarath himself will they knock you out instead of killing you.

- Fixed immortal player when fighting again non-guards.

- Fixed a rare issue where the guard would become imortal/unharmable and can't deal out damage either if he fails to arrest you.

- Many fixes to reliability and potential errors requiring a restart from last save for guard knockouts.
- Fixed issues where crime gold was set to 0 when sent to jail.
- Fixed issue where you would occasionally be thrown madly around the jail cell and in certains jails get stuck.
- The blackout has been removed so you can see the guards coming to take you to jail.
- A system in place such that if a guard fails to arrest you before you become conscious (about 10 seconds) you will be given back control

-This time really fixed the invulnerability bug when wearing the gray cowl

-Fixed invulnerability bug when wearing the gray cowl
-Added ini to Data\ folder to turn off different features and customise the workings of particular features.

Wrye - Creator of COBL
Johnguydude - Fix for final 1% of cobl death problems
Reneer - Reneers Guard Overhaul
kuertee - Brains behind average damage hit rate detection
No psychic guards creator