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About this mod

Lets you have a journal (or diary), either menu based or with real books! Now a bit more Plug\'nPlay usability. New, volumes!

Permissions and credits
Kyoma's Journal Mod
Version 3.2.1

=== Update 15/12/2009 ===
I've uploaded a small esp-only hotfix which fixes two bugs. Replace the esp with the one in the archive.
* The weight of the journal books (and scrolls ) has been lowered from 2 to 0.1 (will affect all journal books, including those already created).
* The mod should now start properly upon creating a new game

Forum thread

1. Description
2. Installing, Updating and Requirements
3. Advanced Features
***See readme in archieve for complete list. I didn't put it here in order to avoid cluttering this page.***
4. Known Issues
5. Trouble Shooting
6. Version History
7. Contact and Feedback
8. Credits
9. License and Legal

1. Description

With the arrival of OBSE v16 this mod has even more features than before. Including the long awaited writing in books!

Back from the depths this mod is live and kicking. I'll start with the basics. With this mod you can type stuff ingame and review it later on. As of version 3 there are two sides to this mod. For future references I'll be using two terms to describe those two sides. First we have the 'menu journal', it's the part that was previously the only option. The series of messageboxes to display and type things. Secondly there are now what I call 'journal books', custom books you've created with this mod that you can write in and review later on. You can have as many journal books as you'd like and each has it's own seperate text.

When this mod is first loaded you will get a standard journal book called "'s Journal" and an misc item called "+[Menu Journal]". When you equip the +[Menu Journal] item, the inventory closes and the menu journal will open. Alternatively you can open the menu journal by pressing the assigned hotkey for it (default is 'J') when you aren't in any menu. For easy access you can press the book key (default is 'B') which opens your last viewed journal book.

* Journal Books

After opening a journal book you can read what you previously wrote. Whenever you want to write or add something in your journal book you click on the "write" button, it is located left of the exit button. Typing is the same as with typing in the menu journal and you can also use the up and down arrow to go to the beginning or end of a sentence. When you are done typing or want to go back without changing something you can click on the "Done" and "Back" button respectively. **See Advanced Features for a short list of other extra things.**

If you even want to create a new or extra journal book you can do this by first opening the menu journal. In there navigate to "More Features->Journal Books->Create Journal Book". You'll come to a menu where you can type the name of the journal book you're creating. After that follow the instructions and select a book jacket for it and choose if you want a book or a scroll. Then a final menu where you can view this all and create the journal book. Once you confirm the creation of the journal book it will immediately be opened.

* Menu Journal

You are now in the main menu of the menu journal. It displays up to seven entries per page. If it says then that is the first empty entry. After you've selected an entry (be it empty or not), a menu is displayed showing the content of that entry. Title or date of creation, any categories it is in and ofcourse the text of the entry itself. When you only see it means the entry is empty/does not exist yet. Here you can choose to edit the entry or title, go to one of the categories the entry is in or categorize the entry. **See Advanced Features for how to deal with (sub)categories.**

To change the entry or create the title click the associated button. After that a new menu will pop up and you can begin typing. If the entry was not empty before you started typing you'll also see a button that lets you delete the entry. **See Advanced Features for more info on deleting.**

You can change or create a title aswell. Like with editing the entry, click the associated button and a new menu pops up where you can type the title. Once a title has been made, it cannot be deleted. Only changed.

Typing an entry is pretty simple, you can change the position of the cursor with the left and right arrow key. And go to the beginning or end of the entry with the home and end key. Backspace and delete work like normal, although insert cannot be used. Apart from that you can use Ctrl in combination with backspace or delete to remove an entire word.

After you've typed your first entry or when you want to view the previous or next entry, you can do this by pressing the Left and Right Arrow keys or the PageUp and PageDown keys. The very last button in the menu will indicate if you can go to the previous or next page or entry. Clicking this button does nothing, it is for display purposes only.

These are the basics for working with your journal. If things are unclear I recommend trying it out a bit and posting in the thread. Should you be interested in the rest of the features of this mod, keep reading. Else, have fun playing!

2. Installing, Updating and Requirements

* Create an OMOD from the archieve and activate it. Follow the instructions that appear.

* Copy the esp file, the textures, meshes and menus folders to your data folder. This mod requires:
- OBSE v0016. You can find the latest version at http://obse.silverlock.org/.
- OBSE plugin Pluggy version 122. You can find the latest version at http://cs.elderscrolls.com/constwiki/index.php/Category:Pluggy.
* Copy and rename the appropriate "book_menu (xx).xml" file to "menus\book_menu.xml". If you are unsure which one the use, pick the vanilla one. There is a file for the following UI mods
- Vanilla UI or BTmod (same file)
- DarkUI by DarkbBirdy
- DarnifiedUI by DarN
- DarkUI'd DarN by Gothic251
- Phinix Immersive DarkUI
- You can configure the added menus and buttons in the "menus\prefabs\journal\generic_config.xml". By default it will match a vanilla or DarnUI look.
* The default ini file will be created when you first start this mod, nothing else needed.
* Updating from an older version is fully automatic and won't require extra steps!
* (recommended) DarnUI 1.3.2 or higher that adds a messagebox scrollbar.

3. Advanced Features
***See readme in archieve for complete description. I didn't put it here in order to avoid cluttering this page.***

4. Known Issues

* If you remove this mod, all the journal books you created will still be there but they'll be empty. Re-enabling this mod won't bring back the text and any previous journal book cannot be written in. I hope that in the future I can make it so the text isn't lost upon removing this mod.

* When importing a text file that has more than 16000 characters and no volume-seperators are present, it will automatically split the text. Although sentences will remain intact, it may split the text at an odd point (from a context point of view).

* When the cursor is placed at the beginning of the text in a book, it can behave a bit strange due to hidden html tags. Best you can do is make sure the cursor is after all those tags. Just press the right arrow to move the cursor, as soon as you see it after the very first letter, you press the left key again. Then the cursor is at the beginning of the text but still after the initial html tags.

* You cannot use the percentage (%) or pipeline (|) character in the texts. They'll be filtered out of any imported text if present. Also, you cannot use < or > characters except when used as a (semi) html tag. If there isn't an equal amount of both characters, a warning will be displayed and importing will be aborted.

5. Trouble Shooting

This section is for general problems you might encounter and how to fix it.

Problem: Help, I installed this mod and now it crashes whenever I open a book!
Solution: Copy and rename the "book_menu (vanilla-or-BTmod).xml" from the archieve to "Data\menus\book_menu.xml". Overwrite when asked. This should fix the crash.

Problem: When I open a journal book there is no Write button.
Solution: Copy and rename the "book_menu (xx).xml" (that corrosponds to the UI mod you're using) to "Data\menus\book_menu.xml". If you are unsure which one to use, pick the vanilla one like above.

Problem: After updating to the latest version, things stopped working/my journal books were empty.
Solution: I still don't know what causes this so I do not yet have a solution. There is something that can help me, after updating there will be a file "My Games\Oblivion\Pluggy\User Files\Journal Update.log". Post in the forum thread with this log and it might give me a better insight on what went wrong.

6. Version History

3.0 and up

* Fixed bug where the inserted date in a journal book was always build from 0 instead of the actual date.
* Added creation of backup files for journal books (if the setting is on) and now auto-export also applies to journal books.
* Added a new feature called 'Internal Volumes' that increases the practical character limit for books to around 16000 * 15.
* Included extra xml file for users with the original DarkUI (by Darkbirdy)
* Fixed possible crash after activating and deactivating OMOD.
* Fixed bug with text and write button not appearing when opening, closing and re-opening a book from the inventory without editing the text.
* Added option to dump all menu journal entries into one single file, seperated by title and creation date.
* Fixed bug I sort of created in version 3.0.1 with regards to book writing.
* Added option to create scrolls instead of books.
* New menu to select different font colors for book typing.
* Extra buttons for editing journal books, no more clicking randomly on the background.
* Added a standard, beginner journal book to speed up the usability.
* Fixed bug with exporting book text to files and breaking the layout.
* Added work-around for strange behaviour when cursor is placed at the beginning when typing in a book.
* Fixed bug with hidden ASCII Esc character appearing when pressing the Escape key during typing.
* Rewrote even more things. Switched to OBSE's new text input system and string functions.
* Added the ability to write in custom created books.
* Minor changes to a few buttons in the menu journal to clarify their function.
* Lots of other bug fixes.

7. Contact and Feedback

Should you have any questions or comments you can PM me (kyoma) at the Elder Scrolls Forum or post in the forum thread (see top of readme). Alternatively you can email me at daaf.paradox -at- gmail.com or PM me (KyoParadox) at the TESNexus forum.

8. Credits

* The OBSE team ofcourse. Without them this mod wouldn't even exist.
* Elys for Pluggy. Without it alot of the new features would have been impossible.
* Grimbot for making five special book jackets for your journal!
* DarN for the divine gift that is called MessageBox-Scrolling! Without it the practical entry length would be soo much lower. :)
* DarN (again) for anwsering my many questions about the workings of Oblivion's XML files.
* Ryu Doppler for allowing me to use his better collision models for the books.
* All the guys who anwsered questions in the OBSE thread. Sorry I don't know who anwsered what question. :P

9. License and Legal
You are not allowed to reuse parts, redistribute the files or release modified versions of this mod without my permission.