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This compatibility patch makes it possible to use both Northern UI by DavidJCobb (either version) and Journal Mod by Kyoma at the same time while still keeping the alterations from both mods intact.

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The Journal Mod allows players to write into an in game journal. However, it adds its own clickable buttons for controlling the journal, and installing it over NorthernUI will force all books and scrolls in the game to use the vanilla unaltered UI - likewise installing the UI over the journal will break the journal entirely. Many UI mods have compatibility patches inside the journal mod itself, however the last update was in 2009, long before the northern UI ever existed. As such, no compatibility patch exists for NorthernUI... until now, that is.

There are two versions of this mod, one file for each Northern UI (the regular and away versions).

The patch for the away version simply makes it so that the Xbox buttons continue to show up in all books and scrolls, while leaving the clickable buttons added for editing the journal's text alone. The UI itself remains vanilla, naturally.

The patch for the regular version leaves all books and scrolls in NorthernUI, including the journal. However the journal will still function and the volume, write, back, and done buttons needed for the journal will be present.

Naturally, both The Journal Mod and NorthernUI are required. They must both be installed before this mod, otherwise the last one installed will overwrite this.

Away version
Go to Oblivion\Data\menus and replace book_menu.xml with the one from this mod.

Normal version
Go to Oblivion\Data\menus and replace book_menu.xml with the one from this mod.
ALSO, go to Oblivion\Data\menus\prefabs\journal and replace extra_buttons.xml AND volumes.xml with the ones from this mod.