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You are the savior of the Mage Guild, serving as the Arch-Mage in place of the fallen Hannibal Traven. The guild is still in recovery yet all is not safe. As events occur, a familiar ominous presence reappears...only this time you begin to feel it\'s dark influence.

Permissions and credits
Name: Mannimarco Resurrection
Version: 2.5
Date: 6/18/2010
Category: Guilds/Factions
Requirements: Oblivion Patch
Author(s): MrUniq
website/quest guide: http://mannimarcoresurrection.awardspace.com/

Story Description
You are the savior of the Mage Guild, serving as the Arch-Mage in place of the fallen Hannibal Traven. The guild is still in recovery yet all is not safe. As events occur, a familiar ominous presence reappears...only this time you begin to feel it's dark influence. Will you continue to serve the Mage Guild and protect the ideals of Traven? Or will you walk the path of a necromancer, gaining new power and carrying out the will of the Order of the Black Worm? Discover the true motives behind the conflict between the Black Worm and the Mage Guild. Step into new realms, gain new allies, command legions, fight new foes, explore new locations, and earn multiple asylums. You thought it was over, when your quest has only begun....

Mod Description
This is my vision of Mannimarco, his Order of the Black Worm, and the perspective and relationship between necromancers and the mage guild. In the game, you defeat Mannimarco, but are left with no real insight into the complex relationship between him and the Mages guild. In addition all of the Necromancers are still hostile after their leader is defeated. Necromancy is not illegal only frowned upon so are they truly evil or misunderstood? Is Mannimarco so easily defeated like any other mere mage? The events in this mod takes place after you defeat Mannimarco the first time, but soon you'll discover his true nature. The first arc of my mod is somewhat of a re-telling of the last parts of your journey to becoming arch mage, but depending on your choices the outcome changes. What path will you choose to walk..Light or Dark...it depends on your perspective. Do you continue on in service of the mage guild or seek the embrace of Order of the Black Worm. Also, depending on your path, you will see that truly defeating a great foe like Mannimarco cannot always be done by yourself.

This mod allows you to become a member two new factions depending on your choices and outcome of the events. The Order of the Worm exists to serve Mannimarco. He requires loyalty but his rewards are great for those who seek unique abilities and acceptance among the Necromancers and Undead. Joining Mannimarco has major consequences for some of your old mage guild associates should you decide to fully carry out your tasks. The game play will change for you given that most of the undead and NPC's will now recognize you as a necromancer. Places that were dangerous before will now welcome you. You will gain your own liar and all who serve the worm will eventually heed your command.

The Imperial Battlemages serve Ocato but also are protectors for Arcane University. This faction is available only if you relinquish your title of arch-mage to your new (and more powerful) ally (should he remain alive). You can command your own garrison of soldiers and have your own headquarters at Arcane University. I personally preferred this option since I did not feel worthy of the title of arch-mage and I found other players felt the same. But what you gain is a new secure place to rest your head and store your loot. This is ideal for those who remain loyal to the Mage Guild.

I insist players to try both factions in order to get the full perspective of this mod since each side contains different pieces of the same story, then go back to a save game that you are comfortable with for your regular play. I will admit I put more care into the necromancer portion of this mod because of the dual nature of the Black Worm characters.

Bruma Mages Guild is restored(can be toggled)
New Dark Fissure
New Necromancer Stronghold
New Underground Fortress
New enemies
New allies
New caves, dungeons, ruins
New factions (BattleMage, Black Worm)
New companions
New BattleMage barraks
A chance to promote a new Arch mage
New Necromancer/BattleMage powers
Several new quests (branching quests)

Hints/Tips (read this so you won't miss important details)
*There is a secret hideout for the player in Nararodi incase you don't prefer Dark Fissure
*Turn off borders even though I worked to keep everything within the boundaries.
*My companion options for thralls and necromancers are basic and as they follow via fast travel you may lose them. Keep your travel distances short. Also their follow packages may time out so if they begin to wander off, just tell them to follow you again.
*Albion does a good job of keeping himself alive, but if he is swarmed by tons of enemies make sure to help him. Don't let him die or the quest is cut short.
*Make sure you read the quest updates for clues or hints, the green marker is often a way to get you to a point but not to the item you specifically need.
*If you are a Anchorite, don't attack Mannimarco (try it..you'll see :))
*If you want to remain a part of both Necromancer and Mage factions...don't carry out the Worm Order tasks. Now you have the benefits of being both. There is no time penalty for completing tasks but you miss out on the fun.
*Adjuncts and Battlemages will follow you reliably now so don't worry about them getting lost
*Near the end Mannimarco can now heal you, but every time your personality suffers b/c of his dark influence
*Adjuncts have aggression modifiers like the battlemages, but be careful about turning their agg up to 100...only do so in areas it is safe to do so..not towns or near friendlies. If one Adjunct engages in battle..they all will.
*If you can't use some of the new Necro spells...train. Part of becoming a strong Anchorite is..leveling up. The same applies for some of the quest locations..I recommend at least being level 18 and up.
*You can use the captain's log to change the interaction between you and necromancers after you have made specific decisions during the battlemage quests. The availability of this option will change between releases.

*There are several options for issues people had with the 1.5
**You can now return to being an Arch-Mage if you are a battlemage, use the Captains log (on the desk in the back) in the battlemage barracks at AU. The Captains log also offers you several other options. If you are an Anchorite u can only manipulate the Bruma door with the book. If your battlemages were killed in the field you can reset them to respawn at AU barracks otherwise they will reappear wherever you are at their next respawn.
**You can now revive all the Mage Guild members you killed as an Anchorite if u want to uninstall. Use the Anchorite Notes inside the Adjunct training area. Doing so will kick you out of the Black Worm and strip you of what you gained..so only revert if u plan on quitting the mod. If you committed three expulsions with the Mage Guild already..that's more complicated since it is permanent(bottom line is, do all your dirty work after one expulsion). The reset for the Adjuncts is the same as battlemages. There is now an option to disable or enable my version of Dark Fissure, just like the Bruma Door.
*If the encounter with Garthis doesn't end properly(like him falling through the room etc..) the command to progress is (SeStage 7NecroQuest 30)

Put all the files in your data folder.

Known Issues or Bugs
None reported so far. There was a reported issue with the Wendlebek location and Paladlin of the Divines BAB armor. It's not related to my mod..it prevented them from continuing my quest line.

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Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.
Thanks to TESNexus.com for the a one-stop-shop resource for authors and players.
Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.

Thanks for the sig mannimagnus :)
COMPATIBLE WITH => Mannimarco Revisited