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not Galsiah's Character Development

nGCD is a smooth character advancement system. As your skills progress, your attributes and level are automatically increased using a complex formula. Every skill counts, so you can just play the game without worrying about multipliers or being interrupted by the Level Up screen. As a result, characters tend to be more unique.

The difference between specializations is more pronounced with nGCD. Characters who focus on Combat skills have much higher Health but very low Magicka, and the opposite is true for characters with high Magic skills. Stealth-based characters gain more Health than mages and more Magicka than warriors, and have higher overall attributes than either, making them good dabblers. Hybrids are a balanced option, having less power but fewer weaknesses than a specialist.

Important features include:

- Each skill influences more than just one attribute.
- Attributes can start lower than the normal racial minimums.
- Level is calculated from all skills, not just class skills.
- Available training sessions carry over between levels.
- Low attributes increase quickly, but it's very hard to reach 100.
- Luck does not increase unless it is a class skill.
- The size of your magicka pool has no effect on its regeneration rate.
- Personality has an effect on both your magicka pool and regeneration.
- Extensive configuration options allow most of these features to be changed!