No Man's Sky

About this mod

Improves the diversity and scale of the generation to make planets more varied and less predictable.

Permissions and credits

Features :

Procedural Planets :

- Every aspects of the planet generation is made procedural to an extent : flora, rocks, grass, caves, mountains, underwater, ...
- Planets are generated through multiple layers of proc gen.
- Each biome has multiple "subtypes" or templates
- Each template is unique in its placement rules, objects density and overall feel.
- Each biome also has one unique subtype using objects placement and combinations not found in others.
- Vanilla planets are still possible.

Improved Placement :

- Objects placement can be generated through regu
lar rules (dotted vanilla placement) or through a custom made region generation.
- Region generation spaces out some objects or groups of objects far enough from each other to create a more natural feeling to objects placement and gives an incentive to cover vast distances on each planet.
- Planets can look dramatically different from one spot to an other.

Improved Scale :

- Along the scale of the overall generation, objects sizes vary more now.
- Most landmarks are now up to ten times bigger.
- Many combinations of megaliths types and placements can now be encountered on planets.

Caves :

- Whole new multi-layered way to generate caves.
- New cave tables for some more variety.
- More hazardous plants in caves.
- Chance to generate resources rich underground.

Underwater :

- Whole new procedural underwater biomes alongside the vanilla ones.
- Megaliths can spawn underwater, towering through the water surface.
- Shores now have their own dedicated objects tables.
- Some underwater objects can spawn closer to or above the water level generating objects in shallow ponds.

Mountains :

- New procedural tables for mountains.
- Three
different life levels.
- More to come for mountains.

Weird and exotic Biomes :

- Redone placement rules for each weird sub-type.
- Still relatively similar to vanilla, but I wanted them to keep their overall feel.

- Added six new procedural objects tables of each exotic planet.
- Two new anomalous planet templates for more variety and combinations.