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JimminyBillyBob888 AKA TheNexGDD and NooBzPoWaH

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About this mod

This mod basically allows you to fly. The jetpack is more powerful and much faster in forward and a bit in upward motion.
Several options to choose from.

Compatible with NMS "ECHOES" Expedition Eleven v.4.43 ( Steam's Build 12069674 ).

Permissions and credits
This mod basically allows you to fly.
Made the jetpack more powerful and much faster in upward and forward motion.
Jetpack should use almost no fuel while moving forward.
Also walk 2x, run and swim 3x faster & No Recoil whatsoever (multiple options).
Includes versions with Quick Wanted Level Timeout, with quick shield recharge delay,
Hazard Protection & Underwater modules increased to 1 Hour
and never being Preyed On by Predators and Fiends (Biological Horror or Monstrosities).
Plus "No Falling Damage" for all options and the upgrade's module the "Rocket Boost" has been boosted a bit.
As requested added increased speed in derelict freighters for all variations except for "JetpackOnly".
NooBzPoWaH has kindly been updating/expanding/improving the mod.


Compatibility : 

Compatible with NMS "ECHOES" Expedition Eleven v.4.43 ( Steam's Build 12069674 ).

Modified Files :


3xperimental branch is not supported !

Beware those files have been modified by quite a few Mods that can't be used together without extra steps :
You'd need to use one of my .lua and the .lua provided by the Mod's author modifying the same file(s) to
make a combined .pak file with "AMUMSS".

Some .lua files (script) for every variations have been added to the archive, so you can now merge them 
with any other one modifying the same file(s) or update the Mod yourself when i'm/we're not around.
Using "AMUMSS" in both cases.


Merging/Updating Process :

To merge Mods with "AMUMSS" it's real easy !

First of all install/update your .NET to the latest 5.0 Desktop :
(at the time i'm writing this it's ".NET Desktop Runtime 5.0.17")

You would have to choose a lua file from the Mod you'd want to merge and one from SOS,
put them both in the "ModScript" AMUMSS' folder, run "BUILDMOD.bat", answer Y(es) to the first 2 questions
and whatever you want for the last ones, then get the pak file in "CreatedModPAKs",
to use instead of the ones coming from our two Mods
(that can be renamed to whatever).

For more details or updated ones check out "How to use AMUMSS".

That merge needs to be done again every time a Mod is updating !

Updating the Mod (in case i'm not around to do so)
is the same process as above with only one of our .lua file instead of two or more.


Installation Instructions :

- Place the "_SupermanOnSteroids......pak" file of your choice (pick one and only one file inside the .7zip archive)
in your InstallPath\No Man's Sky\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS\MODS folder.

If that doesn't exist, create it ("MODS" not Mods or mods or whatever, it's case sensitive and uppercase is the rule).

- Delete, remove or rename the file DISABLEMODS.txt from the PCBANKS folder.


Uninstallation :

You can't, you're not allowed to & why on earth would you want to do such an horrible thing hey ?!!?
Just kidding (yeah i know i'm so funny).
Delete the "_SupermanOnSteroids......pak" you've chosen to install from the MODS folder.
That's it. Bye Bye ! ;)


Credits :

Mod's Author :
JimminyBillyBob888 AKA JBB888 AKA The NexGDD

The old guy/fart updating the Mod lately :

Thanks to :

Mjjstral, Gumsk & Wbertro for their great help with the .lua files !
Sinobol for allowing me to merge his Mod into SOS !
monkeyman192 the awesome MBINCompiler's creator !
And everyone else from the No Man's Sky Modding Discord channel for their kind behaviour and inspiration !