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Finally you'll get the ability to unlock and craft your own mods, from ships to exocrafts ranging C to X Class + Bioship Mods

Permissions and credits
Finally you'll get the ability to unlock and craft your own mods, from ships to exocrafts ranging C to X Class.
The mods can be found on found the 2nd page of each respective stations in the Anomaly.
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2 Versions available
  • CraftableUpgradeMods: Makes all mods craftable C->X (bioship mods are included, 3rd page in the ship menu)
  • CraftableUpgradeModsSonly: Only S and X Class mods are craftable  (bioship mods are included, 3rd page in the ship menu)
  • X-Class mods can be bought through the Synthesis Lab/Sentinel Factories (with factory tokens)
  • Sentinel mods have been added, can be found same location as  X-Class mods

Files used/modified: 

If you use a mod that changes similar files you will have to merge them

Freighter mods are custom-made, so if you de-install the mod those upgrade-mods will be broken.

Side note(s):
Freighter mods have been altered. I made custom freighter mods so that if the mod breaks the change won't affect freighter mods you get from derelicts or rewards (fe. from expeditions)
This mod now support NMSMB, if you use that tool you can use the NMSMB scripts to update this mod with serious speed increase. 

2 Mods I recommend using to have even more craftable recipes available

If you have more then one mod that change the same file do not forget to merge those mods

How To merge with AMUMSS
How to merge without AMUMSS
Now Supports NMSMB
How to use NMSMB
How to use AMUMSS (pdf)

To unlock the recipe you will have to go to the respectable station in the Nexus. Freighter upgrades are to found in freighter unlock tree.

Unlock cost
  • C-Class = 1000 Nanites
  • B-Class = 2500 Nanites
  • A-Class = 5000 Nanites
  • S-Class = 10000 Nanites
  • X-Class = 5000 Nanites (or 20Factory tokens)

Recipe cost

  • Activated Copper x 100
  • Wiring Loom x 1
  • Chromatic Metal x 500
  • Activated Candmium x 200
  • Wiring Loom x 2
  • Chromatic Metal x 500
  • Activated Emeril x 300
  • Wiring Loom x 3
  • Chromatic Metal x 500
  • Activated Indium x 500
  • Wiring Loom x 5
  • Chromatic Metal x 500
  • Activated Indium x 300
  • Activated Candmium x 300
  • Wiring Loom x 5

Any suggestion for recipe/cost changes are welcome. If you encounter any bugs please let me know.