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Allows you to craft the Salvaged Frigate Module, the Cargo Bulkhead, the Storage Augmentation, the Multi-tool Expansion Slot, the Repair Kits and now the ExoSuit Expansion Unit.

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Of all the crashed cargo I visited, never have I obtained a salvaged frigate module, and only once in a mission with my frigates.
I might be unlucky, but in the event I am not the only one having this issue here is a mod that allows you to craft it yourself, along with the storage augmentation module, the cargo bulkhead, the repair kits, the multi-tool expansion slot and now the exosuit expansion unit.

You will have to break into a protected manufacturing facility for that, resolve the riddle and then, when you have the possibility to unlock new technology, under the tree where you probably already unlocked the circuit board, you will be able to unlock all of these modules !
EDIT : Changed the location, from "Valuable Products" to "Components & Devices" since adding more where it used to be was cropping the other items at the edges of the screen.

  • Repair Kit
  1. Microprocessor x1
  2. Pugneum x100
  3. Condensed Carbon x500
  • Navigation Data
  1. Quantum Computer x10
  2. Pugneum x250
  3. Warp Cell x5
  • Salvaged Data
  1. Quantum Computer x16
  2. Pugneum x250
  3. Navigation Data x5
  • Multitool Expansion Slot
  1. Quantum Computer x15
  2. Pugneum x150
  3. Sodium Nitrate x150
  • Exosuit Expansion Slot
  1. Circuit Board x1
  2. Pugneum x150
  3. Ionised Cobalt x250
  • Salvaged Frigate Module
  1. Circuit Board x1
  2. Pugneum x150
  3. Silver x250
  • Storage Augmentation
  1. Circuit Board x1
  2. Pugneum x150
  3. Gold x250
  • Cargo Bulkhead
  1. Circuit Board x1
  2. Pugneum x150
  3. Platinum x250

Old recipes: For the recipes, check this

Recommende mods
  • In order to unlock even more items to craft, check out Craftable Upgrade Mods from jackty89. ( lua-mergeable )

Files Changed

If you have more then one mod that change the same file do not forget to merge those mods
Now Supports NMSMB

How to install
In order to use it you just have to put the "Craftable Modules.pak" file in the folder MODS in  *\Steam\steamapps\common\No Man's Sky\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS". Create the folder if there isn't one already. 
Also, delete or rename "DISABLEMODS.TXT" into "ENABLEMODS.TXT". You will find this file in PCBANKS.

You can also use the lua script provided.

Have fun :)


PS : In case of doubt concerning the mod installation, just be sure that your folder looks like this :