No Man's Sky
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Reduces hang time each time you reach a destination

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You probably noticed but got used to it but each time you warp via a teleporter or place a foot on a new planet, you get a central message to celebrate this. And during this message you can't interact with anything... for nearly 10 seconds.
Of course you can hit the tab key for 2 seconds to get rid of the message but come on...

So this mod is cutting this hang time. It can't fully remove the message nor the hang, but it reduces it to about 3 seconds which is somehow short enough because you usualy can't reach any interaction before this time. Only inventory access could need to wait, but it's only 3 seconds.


Compatibility : 
Click here to check if this mod is compatible with latest game version
- This mod can't be used along any other mod modifying GCUIGLOBALS.GLOBAL.MBIN file like Fast Actions but a .lua file is provided if you want to merge this mod with any other mod written for AMUMSS

History :
v2.5 :updated for Outlaws 3.88
v2.4 : updated for Sentinel 3.81
v2.3 : updated for Emergence 3.71
v2.2 : updated for Frontiers 3.68
v2.1 : updated for Frontiers 3.66
v2.0 : updated for Prisms 3.52
v1.9 : updated for Expeditions2 3.42
v1.8 : updated for Expeditions 3.38
v1.7B : re-uploaded mod with the correct file.
v1.7 : updated for Expeditions 3.33
v1.6 : updated for Companions 3.21
v1.5 : updated for Next Generation 3.13
v1.4 : updated for Next Generation 3.10
v1.3 : updated for Origins 3.03
v1.2 : updated for Origins 3.01
v1.1 : updated for Desolation 2.62
v1.0 : initial release