No Man's Sky
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Adjustments to scanning, tech grouping, torch, and ship interaction range.

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This is a collection of my changes to the GCGAMEPLAYGLOBALS file. For now, it includes adjustments to scanning, tech grouping, and the torch. In future versions, I plan to look at missile, trading, sentinel, and a few other entries.

  • Hotspot (mineral, gas, power) scan range increased from 400 to 1,000+u. Over 800u is inconsistent, but I've seen results up to 1,300u.
  • Analysis visor scan times decreased from 3.9 to 0.2 seconds.
  • Improved highlighting of known and unknown flora and fauna, based on great ideas from Sefer .
  • Made highlighting linger a little to make it easier to spot unknown flora and fauna.
  • Enabled showing of farther-away creatures, which show as smaller dots.
  • Multitool scan recharge decreased from 30 to 4 seconds in normal- modes, 90 to 10 seconds in survivor+ modes.
  • Multitool scan pulse range increased from 200 to 500u in normal- modes, 150 to 250u in survivor+ modes.
  • Ship scan recharge decreased from 10 to 2 seconds.
  • Ship scan pulse range increased from 10,000 to 30,000u.
  • Maximum grouping size increased from 3 to 48.
  • General torch improvements.
  • Increased ship interaction range from 50 to 200u.
  • Changed freighter battle frequency to 1 hour and 3 warps.
  • Further decreased gravity on dead planets.
  • Improved refining speed by 10x.
  • Derelict freighter torch light increased.

Note: The All Versions file is a ZIP file containing several versions of this file, from just tech grouping to the full thing. Just download the main file and choose which PAK you want from the ZIP. Use only one PAK file.

You can find information about and links to all my mods, files affected by each of my mods, instructions for installing mods, and instructions for extracting LUA files here: