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Personal Shield Generator. Protection from hazards & extreme weathers (toxic, radioactive, heat, cold, ...).

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Personal Shield Generator by Mjjstral (contact: @Mjjstral#1157 on discord)

Quick action menu (hotkey) toggleable mobile shield around the player that protects from:
  • Damages (bullets, lasers, ...) - currently unavailable or use V1.1 for invincibility
  • Hazards   (toxic, radioactive, heat, cold, ...)
  • Extreme Weathers


Version 1.3
- Updated file with latest HG's update (v2.12). Compatible with v2.14 (build 4268634)
- Optional version:
- All variations merged with "Unlock All Emotes" (with Additional Emotes) by monkeyman192 and WinderTP

Version 1.2

- Added backpack toggle option to gesture menu
- Fixed a message display bug (in exchange for damage immunity)
- Color variants for the shield (red, green, pruple) - color pak file to be added additionally
- Now AMUMSS lua script based

Version 1.1
- New activation method: Shield can now be toggled via player gesture/emote quick action menu !
- Assign a hotkey for your shield.
- Player is now protected from any damages within the shield (projectiles, lasers, fall damage, ....)
- New sound, particle and camera shake and player gesture effects when toggling.
- Fixed terrain gun not useable bug.
- Optional version:
    - Creature distractor shield emitter extra effect (creatures run away)
    - Creature attractor shield emitter extra effect (all creatures like and approach you).
    - VR version: Comes with the old activation method - above head toggle.

Version 1.01
- Fixed shield activation being a crime for sentinels.
Version 1.0
Personal bubble shield.
- Toggleable above player (look up and press E).
- Protection from all hazards

1. Delete old versions of the mod if necessary.
2. Extract the zip file.
3. Copy ONE of the extracted pak files.
4. Paste it in your MODS folder (No Mans Sky/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/MODS).
5. Delete DISABLEMODS.txt in the PCBANKS folder, or rename it to ENABLEMODS.txt

This mod affects:


Possible incompatibilities: Fast actions by Lo2k, Emote unlocker.

Plans for the future:
  • Shield consumes ressources to run + shield suit upgrade 3 necessary.
  • Sentinels and creatures cannot pass the shield (boundary collison enabled).
  • Color variants: green, red, purple, ...

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