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My 100% complete game save for "Nioh" Complete Edition.

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My 100% complete game save....Notice! You will need to use a Hex Editor to resign someone else's save file to your game.
Links are located under "Requirements". You don't need both hex editors. One or the other will work.

1.) Locate your game's "SAVEDATA00" & "SYSTEMSAVEDATA00" folders, both contain your "SAVEDATA.BIN" file.
You will need to change the "SAVEDATA.BIN" file in both of these folders for this to work.

NIOH Save Folder Locations
: C:\Users\Your Username\Documents\KoeiTecmo\NIOH\Savedata\a bunch of numbers\SAVEDATA00
C:\Users\Your Username\Documents\KoeiTecmo\NIOH\Savedata\a bunch of numbers\SYSTEMSAVEDATA00

2.) Open your save file "SAVEDATA.BIN" located in the SAVEDATA00 folder with a Hex editor...
3.) Write down the value of the Bytes allocated in the screenshot below

4.) Open my save file that you downloaded, using a Hex editor
5.) Find the bytes allocated in the screenshot & change their values to those you wrote down in step 3, then save the file.
6.) Place the modified "SAVEDATA.BIN" file into both of your save folders "SAVEDATA00", "SYSTEMSAVEDTA00" & click okay to replace when prompted.