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Replaces most common vehicles models with high quality counterparts.

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New Vegas and Fallout 3 has had a long standing issue, not only are the models dated, but the repetition among both world spaces is tiring, so with the release of BaseObjectSwapper I came back to this project and actually finish it.

This mod will replace and add vehicle models, the vehicles added will be swapped at random. BaseObjectSwapper is a soft requirement, without the esp, it'll replace all the models in the game, but won't add the unique highwayman and the variants in the world space.

All vanilla vehicles are subject to be swapped except with the exception of the trucks and the trailers, and the fusion flea.
It has LOD models, Destroyed variants, DLC support, and TTW (Specifically tranquility lane) support

It also includes a Drivable Highwayman for those who use the mod
and soft replacements for Desert Landscapes

The textures are 2K and 1K


HUGE thanks to RenaFox3D as they've given me the ok to include their vehicle art into this mod, something like this would've taken me a lot more time to make were it not for him.
Models made by Rena:
HighwayMan, Convertable, PickUpTruck, PoliceCar, CorvegaAtomicV8, DeathCar, CorvegaSedan, ClassicCorvega, Coupe, FullSize, TrainEngine, and golfcart

Shadow: For the Boxcar

Quaz30: Ambulance, Coupe, ChrysilusSedan

Morloks: LoneWondererBike

Strider: TankTruck

- for help on the header

MAC-TEN for some collisions

Scout - cubemap
weijiesen - cubemap
TPOl7uHKA - cubemap
Strider - cubemap

F4CW for inspo on the camper