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A comprehensive revision of every weather in the base game and all DLCs, with beautifully contrasting natural hues alongside improved tone mapping, bloom, and atmospheric effects.

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A comprehensive revision of every weather in the base game and all DLCs, with beautifully contrasting natural hues alongside improved tone mapping, bloom, and atmospheric effects.

This was inspired by Realistic HDR lighting New Vegas which is a great option, however it does not cover every area in the game.

The weathers are based on a plugin by ConfidenceMan which was made for ENB under open permissions. I modified it to work with vanilla and added additional tweaks as well as support for DLCs.

  • All weathers apart from Dead Money's, have been completely revised with much more natural colours and an expanded range of hues, particularly in the sky. Vanilla tints are retained to preserve the look of assets as intended by the game artists.
  • No new scripts, with minimal records changes designed for compatibility. Compatible with all scripted effects.
  • All Cinematic values have been neutralised to give a purer representation of the image; Cinematic settings do not work as intended so blow out the scene and introduce banding. This allows the game to output colours and brightness levels which fill the sRGB space as much as possible, which works much better on modern displays. Because weathers are designed around a neutral brightness, light sources should fit much better with the scene, looking less overly bright in exteriors.
  • Nights are darker and less strange, which works better on modern displays. Sunlight values are kept the same to keep lights correct, but tint has been reduced to make them reflect their true colour more.
  • The fog and horizon colours are often matched, to seamlessly blend the distance into the horizon, to more realistically simulate atmospheric scattering.
  • Nevada weathers have been given a dusty fog colour during the day, to establish a dusty, hot atmosphere with greater contrast between the orange and yellow hues of the landscape with the vibrant blue hues of the sky. 
  • Fog has been slightly pushed back to maximise contrast in the foreground as well as work around vanilla shadow bugs, without affecting how those weathers are perceived.
  • Searchlight and Black Mountain share IMODs because both areas are similarly irradiated. The green tint communicates this to the player and creates additional atmosphere to separate it from the rest of the game. The weather colours are mostly identical to clear weathers, which means that the weather changes look less out of place, instead focusing on creating mood.
  • The blown out lighting and extreme desaturated look at Black Mountain has been removed. 
  • The crushed black levels in Searchlight have been fixed.
  • The East weather in Dead Money has been revised to fit in with the look of the other areas in the Dead Money DLC.
  • Lonesome Road has retained its vanilla cloud colours, but has been given new weather colours with contrasting hues, and blue skies which are visible on the horizon. The Lonesome and High Road areas retain their individual looks.
  • Honest Hearts has had its fog reduced to make the air feel cleaner than in other areas.
  • Simplified the Honest Hearts weather system because most weathers were just bad. It can now rain anywhere in Zion.
  • Gave the clear Honest Hearts weather an alternative clouds texture to reflect the different weather conditions.
  • The rain weather in Honest Hearts has had its strange desaturation removed.
  • Most clear weathers have been given alternative clouds.
  • Interior weathers have been updated with the new weather colours.
  • The buggy night weather has been removed, and replaced with Accurate NASA Stars.
  • The sun and glare textures have been replaced with much more realistic ones by l00ping.
  • The sky mesh has been replaced with an improved one by Marcurios.
  • Fixed the sun becoming brighter once it goes below the horizon.



Do not use with MoonlightNVSE
Do not use with High Resolution Bloom NVSE

Both break the intended look.


Weathers Revised - DLC Enhancements Patch


  • This mod contains minimal edits to records. This should work alongside weather mods which specifically target TTW FO3 areas. Weather mods which target FNV areas are not compatible.
  • Let other mods win all file conflicts.
  • Not compatible with Desert Natural Weathers
  • Not compatible with Smooth Skies


Accurate NASA Stars  for the new star textures/mesh
l00ping for the new sun and sun glare textures
Marcurios for the new atmosphere mesh
Realistic HDR lighting New Vegas for inspiration
paramyxoviridae for testing and feedback
SpiffySkyTrooper for testing and feedback