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Adds 3 MP5 sub-machine guns into the game complete with attachments, clean leveled list integration & TTW compatibility.

Permissions and credits
Please use ZL Armaments Remastered if you wish to use this mod. Will leave this up regardless. Thanks!

Following up on remastering my old mods, the MP5s I had made were in serious need of a re-do.
This mods adds 3 variations of the MP5 SMG to the game including the MP5A5, MP5/10, and MP5SD6 with shared attachments.

  •  3 variations of the MP5
    - MP5A5 - Uses 9mm ammo. Can use all attachments.
    - MP5/10 - Uses 10mm ammo. Can use all attachments.
    - MP5SD6 - Uses 9mm ammo. Can only use sight & stock due to integrated suppressor. Higher crit damage.
  • 3 attachments for most MP5 models
    - MP5 Suppressor - Silences weapon. Not usable with SD6 variant.
    - MP5 Red Dot Sight - Adds retro red dot sight closely based off of the Aimpoint 3000.
    - MP5 Full Stock - Adds an A4 style stock that helps reduce bullet spread.

The DLCs or TTW are not required however they will integrate with them if they are loaded.

Tale of Two Wastelands:
Fully Compatible. Added to Form ID Lists, Vendors, NPCs.
B42 Descriptions aka Pip-Info:
Fully Compatible.
B42 Weapon Inspect/Ammo Check:
Fully Compatible.

Sweet6Shooter Perks:
Fully Compatible.

Install and activate with mod manager of your choice. If using above compatible
mods, load this mod after them in the load order.

Zealotlee - Model, Textures, Design
Sweet6Shooter - Leveled lists, TTW integration.
Anirvana - kNVSE MP5 animation set, debugging
Parallax Game Studios - Lens & red dot effects.
Audixas - Sound adjustments, lore friendly renaming script & implementation.

Special thanks to the  xNVSE Discord and Sweet6Shooter's Discord!