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I generally work on Fallout mods, at whatever pace I find comfortable and don't feel will burn me out.


Right now, I mostly do re-implementation and adjusting of existing assets and modders' resources. I generally go for lore-friendly vibes.


If you have a weapon mod and want modern scripted integration for it, and maybe a couple bonus features, let me know, and I'll set it up for you in your file. I do it all the time, and if you release a weapon mod that doesn't have modern implementation that I like, I'm probably going to do it anyway, so feel free to just message me first.

I also have a tutorial for it, so check that out if you want to be independent, but do your implementation like me.


I don't make any new models, but I do a fair deal of retexturing. I'm no photoshop wizard, but if you have a request for a texture tweak, I miight be able to do it.



I'm open to taking requests, as long as they're something that I feel like I can do and fit into my schedule appropriately.



Once I'm satisfied with the overall state of my personal New Vegas mod setup, I'm planning to work on a Wabbajack list for Fallout 4:

Radiation Hell (Working Title)


Planned Features:

Heavy scrubbing of Fallout lore, quests, and NPCs, recontextualization as pseudo-modern futuristic post-apoc Horror setting (Similar to Whispering Hills)

A custom built set of endings (things like leaving the wasteland, finding and resealing an old vault, setting off more nukes, releasing army of robots) each of which will provide a starting location change/equipment bonus/world state change for future playthroughs, if selected (I have 58 ideas lined up for endings, about 3/4 of which are pretty good)

Custom integration of all high quality weapons on the F4 nexus, with custom placement of weapons and mods

Near complete destruction of weapon/armor mod crafting, exchanged for finding placed copies

Integration of as broad as possible a selection of available creature mods


I'll need to learn F4's scripting patterns, and how to excise a weapon mod's actual model and replace it's world model with it, and how to set up a Wabbajack list.

If anyone has expertise in those areas/wants to collaborate on Radiation Hell, send me a message, I'd be open to collaboration on it.

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