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A replacer for the wrist mounted pip-boy, featuring a high quality, handheld tactical tablet.

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The Tactical Tablet. A high quality pip-boy replacer for your character.


No one really knows where this sophisticated piece of equipment came from. Many speculate it was from a time long ago, during the Great War. Equipped by battle hardened and top ranking soldiers, given as a gift for their service and beyond. Such a tool served important for them, from checking vitals, to the built-in targeting system. This tool made it so that the best could even go beyond.

Yet, such a time was forgotten once the bombs fell. And the Tactical Tablet was lost in time. But legend has it that one lone wanderer roams the wasteland with one on their person, utilizing the device to its fullest.


Heads up to whoever downloads this pip-boy mod, thank you very much! I spent about a week trying to get this thing to finally work and I'm happy I can finally release this in a playable state.

Also, due to some stretching magic I had to do to fit the pip-boy screen onto the model, a teeny-tiny part of the pip-boy screen gets cut off. It shouldn't be a big deal. (I hope.)

No need to craft this thing or whatever. It loads with you on a new game, so everything should be alright. If you do find bugs and issues with the model, feel free to drop a comment and I'll investigate it.


Alright now listen up everyone, installing this pip-boy mod takes a lot more than your average mod where everything's an automatic download away (It's still like that but you'll be downloading other mods too.) So this guide right here will tell you the stuff you need.

First, download YAPR (Yet Another Pip-Boy Remover) Its an amazing mod and it removes all the bugs that comes along your generic pip-boy removers, to the point where it feels like an in-engine implementation.

After you do that, we come to our second part, which is installing Hit's Handheld Pip-Boy Fixes. Install animation fixes and the INI located in the page's Main Files. These This just makes the animation a lot more nicer to look at and also removes a lot of bugs present in old handhelds.

After installing all of these mods, then you install my Tablet mod above all these others. Then test it out in game if everything works.