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Reanimates all animations for all two-handed melee weapon in the game. Yes, all of them. Zero balance changes: vanilla timings and power attack rules are applied.

Requires kNVSE.

Permissions and credits

  • Covers all two-handed melee animations from FNV, its DLCs, and TTW.
  • Unique animations for specialized weapons, like spears, the Thermic Lance, Chainsaws, etc.
  • Covers all animations related to melee weapons: attacks, power attacks, blocking, block hit, recoiling, and sneaking.
  • All weapons have more attack variations than vanilla (except for spears).
  • No balance changes whatsoever. Retains all vanilla attack timings. Retains movement boosts/restrictions from vanilla power attacks.

The goal here was similar to Butcher Pete: develop a framework for the animations, keep the timings and power attack movements vanilla-style, and adjust as necessary per weapon.

However, instead of grouping weapons by damage type (chopping, slashing, or bludgeoning), the different animation sets here are largely styled around grip. The reason for this is twofold: having anything other than the weapon swing carry off screen with two-handed weapons looks bad in my opinion, as it doesn't properly communicate the weight of weapons intended to be heavier; and because there is a lot more variance in weapon styles with the two-handed weapons. I didn't realize this at first, which is the reason there is a "low grip" folder: that was me just re-baking my whole framework because I realized--too late--that several weapons would have clipping if the hand was higher up where I wanted it. Even so, this isn't perfect, but it should largely be unnoticeable during normal play.

In any case, this meant developing animations for the Thermic Lance--which I don't believe anyone has ever touched--due to its a) weird grip and b) unique attacks. I repurposed my Auto-Axe animations for the Chainsaw, and went ahead and made unique Knife Spear animations. The latter set will also serve as a framework for weapons in an upcoming weapon mod pack that I'm helping on.

Please note that, due to either technical difficulties with the rig, or me not being very good at melee yet (or some combination of both), FOVs about 75 might encounter some animation ugliness with certain animations. It should mostly be fine, but you have been warned--I do not have the energy to support FOVs that, in my opinion, actively make animations look worse, but I did my best. If you notice any weirdness with armors in first person and you have a reasonable FOV, do let me know, and I'll try to fix it when I can (read: it will take me a while). While I worked hard on this, some of these animations are, reasonably, not as polished as they could be.

Otherwise, I'll let the animations speak for themselves. Cheers.


Compatible with anything that doesn't specifically use kNVSE to modify two-handed melee weapon animations. As such, the mod is not compatible with Sigerious' Melee Animation Overhaul. Pick one. Any overlap you see with my mods is intentional, as this mod contains bug fixes for a previously released set. This mod can safely override any of my previous work.

  • If you enjoy this mod in any capacity, please do consider endorsing it.
  • Donations are very helpful.

  • If you use a handheld Pip-boy, your equipped weapon may cover up a small part of your Pip-boy. Sorry.
  • Some armors may display some mesh weirdness when swinging weapons around.
  • Animation errors may become more noticeable at FOVs over 75. I will not be supporting these issues. Thank you.
  • The spear's blocking animations don't properly blend if you're going straight from the idle to the block idle. Not a huge deal, as you'll likely be attacking before blocking, which blends fine.