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All ranger coats and courier dusters rerigged to get rid of the anti-gravity, floaty look and clipping

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Ranger armors are still some of the coolest looking armors, and now they're made even cooler.

NDC 1.5 includes rerigged shoulders, smoothing deformations and eliminating most of the pesky little poke throughs. All issues that plagued the previous version of the mod are also fixed.


Ranger armors are easily the coolest looking armors in the game, but are unfortunately made very uncool by the way the coats look, stiffly floating away from the legs. As explained by Josh Sawyer, they were intentionally shaped that way to avoid clipping in the original release, due to limitations of the engine at the time.

Mods in the past have attempted to fix this problem, like Improved Duster Coats - YUP Edition, by moving the coats back closer to the body. Natural Duster Coats takes this one step further by rerigging the coats entirely to ensure natural looking movement and minimal clipping, outside of extreme poses and view angles. The following armors are modified:
  • NCR Combat Ranger Armor
  • Desert Ranger Armor
  • Riot Gear
  • Advanced Riot Gear
  • Elite Riot Gear
  • Courier Dusters- All variants

Fallout New Vegas
Honest Hearts
Lonesome Road

The mod is built off of the meshes from Ranger armors and Riot Gear clipping weapons bug and posture fixed / Yukichigai Unofficial Patch - YUP, so it should be loaded after YUP. The mod should be compatible with just about anything, just make sure it doesn't get overwritten.

It is compatible with ADAM Reborn except the custom armors. Load after ADAM.

The original riot gears used vertex coloring to darken some parts of the armor. You can see this clearly in the comparison screenshot with the riot gear, particularly the shoulderpads. I did not include the vertex coloring in the new models.