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Modifies the duster coats of "Ranger armors and Riot Gear clipping weapons bug and posture fixed" (the same meshes used in the unofficial patch) by Kotorisovanie to be shaped similar to the mod "Improved Ranger Coats" by Exeter.

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A simple mod that brings the two best vanilla modifications of all the dusters in New Vegas together.

This mod incorporates the vanilla fixes from "Ranger armors and Riot Gear clipping weapons bug and posture fixed" (the same meshes used in YUP, the unofficial patch) and the coat shape of "Improved Ranger Coats".

Please note, however, I did not simply rip the coats off of the "Improved Ranger Coats" meshes and paste them onto the fixed versions, as that would lose several of the fixes. Instead, I hand-edited each fixed duster to be similar in shape to that mod, through 10 hours of work over a week to get them into a satisfactory state.

Additionally (or unfortunately for some), this means I was obligated to forego the "female contour" the Improved Ranger Coats mod gave the female meshes, as it would have been very difficult to combine both in that manner since the fixed coats are for the default meshes/body type. This means that this mod simply improves the shape of the fixed meshes similar to that of Improved Ranger Coats, but not exactly.

These coats were made systematically, as in they were made using the exact same method to ensure all dusters are created equal (between all dusters as well as male & female meshes). This mod does cover both male & female meshes, by the way, even though all the screenshots are of my female character. Like I said, these were made systematically, so both sets of meshes are basically identical, but I might add male screenshots at a later date.

I've also included a slight personal modification (as a separate file) to the Elite Riot Gear meshes that removes the canteen from the hip. Not sure why, but I never liked that thing, it always felt out of place. If you're okay with it, don't worry, like I said, it's an optional separate file.

This mod is not perfect! While I took great care to ensure there's as little clipping as possible, there is still some clipping at the bottom of each duster (with the exception of the courier dusters). This is because the vanilla dusters were shaped like that intentionally to prevent such clipping, so bringing them any closer, as this mod does, will inevitably cause some clipping. Nothing major, but you should be aware (for the record, I do believe even Improved Ranger Coats has some clipping issues).