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Patched version of the amazing Groovatron made by Drayk_Cannon and then ported to New Vegas by Koupoable now works in TTW. Without this the Groovatron won't give the required items to enable it until you start New Vegas.

Permissions and credits
!!This is an ESP only you will need original assets!!

For those who don't know what The Groovatron is, it's a weapon (not even needed if you have NVSE except for the dance party) which allow you to play a lot a different poses very quicky through menus on player or npcs, you can also set a hotkey for any of those poses to play it immediately on self or on a npc.

You can move a npc where you want, make him neutral toward you if it's an enemy (temporarily), access his inventory, restrain him, freeze him, undress him, make him raise his weapon, clone him, put him to the stasis chamber to store him etc...

You can play any music you want with the MP3 player integrated.

There is also now a portable player home where you can teleport at any time and put your stuff, heal yourself, change your haircut or your face, cook.
The house is companion friendly you can make them wait there.

See below the Description part of the original mod for more details.

Needed :

The Groovatron Fallout 3

The Groovatron Fallout NV

Optional but highly recommended :

F3 Umpa Animation 0.7a by umpa (Already included in Fallout 3 Groovatron)

LostRider For a Few Poses More NV

LostRider Slave In Pose NV

Poses By Sari-December

(Don't forget to endorse those mod if you like their work!)


1: (Needed) Download and install:

The Groovatron Fallout 3 and The Groovatron Fallout NV

Optional but highly recommended:

LostRider For a Few Poses More NV
LostRider Slave In Pose NV
Poses By Sari-December

2: Allow The Groovatron NV to overwrite The Groovatron Fallout 3

4: Disable or remove all esps:

The Groovatron.esp

and if you have them:

FewPosesMore NVedition.esp
Slave In Pose NV Edition.esp

5: Replace the TheGroovatronNV.esp with the one from this mod

6: Wait up to 15 seconds for items to be added (after receiving your Pip-Boy if new game started)