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Add some Dance and Pose Animation \\ Work only with Console Command

Permissions and credits
Dance Animation - Testing version (Not perfect)

I'm NOT a 3d animator.I'm only CONVERT some free mocap animation find on web (Please Not ASK for Weapon Animation or other Animation because I'm not able to make Animation)

Someone can make the file for Fallout 3 Mocap Import like this file in Mr Cellphane Oblivion Tutorial??

Animation v06

-For Dance Menu Version you need:

The Groovatron by Drayk Cannon

-For Dance with Monster Suit (Really Funny)

Monster Costumes by Gorow333

This is NOT a serious mod or for Fallout 3 purist.This is only for FUN!!
So save your comments on lore and immersion.
If this mod is not for you, then you PASS on it and go to the next one.

You can use all animation in your mod (Credit me and not create confict with my mod)


This Works only in console command:

-Opening the Console: (I hope work in VISTA)
The console is opened with the tilde (~) key; it's left of the 1 key, below the Esc key, and above the Tab key

For NPC:

-Open the console
-Click on Standing Npc for show Reference (Show Name and Code)
For NPC:

-Open the console
-Click on Standing Npc for show Reference (Show Name and Code)
-Type Playidle dance01 from 01 to 68
-Type Playidle Apose01 from 01 to 07
-Type Playidle Guitar01 from 01 to 10
-Type Playidle Gym01 from 01 to 03
-Type Playidle UP01 from 01 to 05
-Type Playidle SmPose01 (only for Super Mutant)

For strument Animation Playidle Sing or Piano,Drum,Chorist,SingGuitar,SingRock
For Player Character:

-Remove the weapon
-Type "tfc" in the Console command (move the camera with WASD key)
-Type Player.PlayIdle dance01 or dance02,03,04,05,06 .........



-Removed some old pose because bad conversion from oblivion....
-Add Simple Pole to PoleDance (Apose07)

I try to add menu In Groovatroon.....I'm not a great scripter but works fine!!!

-Added modified esp for Groovatroon 272 in Optional file
-You Need full Groovatroon and my esp compatible with Umpa v07a


-Dance58 BootyShake like Beyonce

-Apose07 PoleDance
-Dance60 Tb HipHop
-Dance61 Hip Hop Shake (Very Funny)
-Dance62 Vb Dance (Dance like the Vampire Bloodlines Asilum Club)
-Dance63,64 Calton dance from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air .Very Funny
-Dance65,66 Country
-Dance67 Sexy Moves
-Dance68 Breaking Pop4


-Some problem on hand (big hand)
-If the Npc walk this not work very well

Thanks to:

Bethesda for creating Fallout 3\Oblivion
tazpn for kfupdater
Timeslip's for FOMM
SaidenStorm for Help in animation and FOMM
Backsteppo for Carameldancen
Nifskope Team
Drayk Cannon for Menu version
Gorow333 for Monster Suit
Efg,Jojo pose author