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Adds a weapon to the game which causes NPCs or player character to dance or pose. Also several more functions. Works with: F3 Umpa Animation. Includes: Some Poses, Object Poses, Action Poses and Pair Poses. FOSE users get extra functionality!

Permissions and credits
Anyone may use/modify this work in another mod as long as they credit the original author.
I highly recommend FOSE (Fallout Script Extender), it adds many features.

Name: The Groovatron
Version: 2.72
Category: Animation
Author(s): Drayk_Cannon, with animations by umpa, Backsteppo, Axepriest, and guerrerodelyermo

**** Get this mod for dances to work:
Umpa Animation by umpa

Full Versions Included:
Some Poses v1.41
Pair Poses v0.1b
Object Poses v0.4
by Backsteppo (some animations modified for loop and duration)
Action Poses v1.1
by guerrerodelyermo

****If you like this mod and want to endorse it, PLEASE also endorse the above mods!****

Optional Files (Download here):
Modified Idles and Skeleton for Facial Animations (Needed for facial animations)
The Groovatron DLC Anchorage Addon Pack (Operation: Anchorage required)
The Groovatron DLC Pitt Addon Pack (The Pitt required)
The Groovatron DLC Point Lookout Addon Pack (Point Lookout required)

If textures aren't loading use this: ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated
Fallout Script Extender (FOSE)
Nexus Mod Manager
Fallout Mod Manager
DarNified UI F3 by DarN
HeadFixes by throttlekitty - Fixes some issues with heads
OneKey Armor by BeZen - Change armor with a key press (FOSE needed)


The Groovatron Weapon:
- A unique multifunction weapon. Brings up a menu when you shoot an NPC
- You can make NPCs dance, pose, access their inventory, put them in stasis, give them facial
expressions, teleport and much more
- You can also set a teleport marker at any NPCs's location, then use Groovy Snacks to teleport there
- (Pay Stockholm a visit in Megaton! - he's the guy way up in the crow's nest)
- The NPC's combat reaction is inhibited by script (see readme for list of incompatible NPCs)
- Enemy to Ally Mode (optional) allows you to make hostile NPCs temporarily friendly
- Extra functions include Dance Party! and Pair Pose Mode (toggle in Settings)

Groovy Snacks:
- Assign [Groovy Snacks] to a hotkey to use
- Brings up Groovy Settings Menu (1st p camera mode)
- Let you use dances/animations/poses/expressions on your own character (3rd p cam mode)
- Give you access to Visual Effects (Imagespace modifiers) (3rd p cam mode)
- Let you hide your Pip-Boy or Pip-Boy glove (3rd p cam mode)
- Let your character participate in Pair Poses (When pair pose mode on)
- Let you set a teleport marker at your location or teleport to your marker (3rd p cam mode)

Groovy Gear:
- You also get an MP3 Player, Disco Ball, Groovy Orb, and Movable Light added to your inventory
- See readme for instructions

FOSE Extras:
- Groovatron functions and more become available at the press of a key
- The following keys are bound by this mod and can be customized in the Settings Menu
"C" - Groovify
"X" - Freeze NPC in place - up to 10 NPCs can be frozen in place
(This key has dual functionality and can be set to put/remove NPCs in Stasis instead of freezing)
(Can also be used to place teleport marker or teleport to it)
"M" - Toggle Vanity Mode
"L" - Toggle Long Reach Mode
"P" - Auto-Screenshot (Takes a screenshot without the HUD)
"0" - (Zero) Settings Menu (Includes options to change keybindings)
- Grab Live NPC allows you to use the "grab" key (default: "Z") to grab, position, and move live NPCs
- Camera Controls (in Settings) allow you to change your 3rd person camera to Overhead or Left-Sided
- FOSE users can access Pip-Boy when player character animation is playing (animation is stopped)
- Jump to Main Menu - Pressing "Shift" before clicking [Return] returns you to main Groovify menu
- The FOSE method of Groovifying is recommended for NPC facial expressions

NOTE: You must have the Groovy Coin in your inventory for FOSE additions to work.
If you have set custom keybindings, then obviously use that key instead of the ones listed above.

See the full readme file for detailed usage and FAQ (included with the download)
The full changelog and Readme has been moved to separate files included in the download.

To Install:

Use 7-Zip or other 7z unpacker if not using a mod manager

1. Unpack the archive to your Fallout 3 Data directory OR import as a package in a mod manager
- Select yes to overwrite (no game files will be overwritten)
2. Open Fallout 3 Launcher, FOMM, or Launcher of choice
(2.1 Uncheck F3UmpaAnimation.esp, SomePoses.esp, PairPoses.esp, ObjectPoses.esp, and ActionPoses.esp)
3. Enable The Groovatron.esp, launch the game, then load a saved game or start a new game
- Wait up to 15 seconds for items to be added (after Pip-Boy is received if starting new game)

* If FOSE is installed post-save, the extra items should be added. If they are not, enable FOSE
Extras from the Groovy Settings Menu

To Update:

1. Install new files over old files

To Remove:

1. Remove The Groovatron.ESP
2. Remove the following folders and files inside them
- Data/Meshes/Groovatron
- Data/Meshes/Characters/_MaleIdleAnimsGroovyAnims
- Data/Textures/Groovatron
- Data/Music/GroovatronMP3
- Data/Soundfx/LowPitchBeep.wav
3. If desired, remove the files belonging to SomePoses, ObjectPoses, PairPoses, FAFF, and ActionPoses
- Data/Meshes/Characters_MaleIdleAnimsPoses
- Data/Meshes/Characters_MaleIdleAnimsOPoses
- Data/Meshes/Characters_MaleIdleAnimsPPoses
- Data/Meshes/Characters_MaleIdleAnimsExpressions
- Data/Meshes/Characters_MaleIdleAnimsActionPoses

Incompatible With:

Facial expressions may not work with mods that modify Data_maleskeleton.nif or idle animations.
Some animations not compatible with "Fallout 3 ReAnimated"

* Not tested with all DLC content
* This mod changes game setting: fcombatyieldtime from "10" to "0"
* If you have FOSE: The mod will reset this setting back to 10 when you unequip The Groovatron
* Please let me know if you find incompatibilities
* Please let me know of any bugs or suggestions
* Original Disco Ball (Oblivion) by: TheMunchkinLord

Thanks to:

umpa for the inspiration: you rock
Bethesda Game Studios
the creators of FOSE
the creators of NifSkope
Timeslip for FOMM/TESSnip
Nexus Mods
Everyone who reported issues and made suggestions

Tools used:

The G.E.C.K.
Blender NIF Scripts
Fallout Mod Manager/TESSnip

As always, with any mod, use at your own risk. Save frequently!
I cannot give permission to use parts of this mod that I did not author.