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A shoddy edit of Hitmans Hunting Shotgun Firing animations to add support for semi automatic shotguns. More for personal use but if you want em'. Watch video to see example

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This is literally just Hitman's Hunting Shotgun animations, but cut down in length to be semi auto and using the 2hrAttackLeft slot so it does not overwrite anything. Just messed with text keys and chopping bits here and there in order to make something for myself, but if there is other people out there who wanted this, well here.This is essentially just an add on to Hitman's work so you still need the rest of the Hunting Shotgun animations from either Hit's Animations
S1 or the individual mod.

To use, install kNVSE and all its requirements, then Hitman's Hunting Shotgun anims through either of the 2 options, then install this mod. You will need to add your desired weapon to the .json file as usual. Your weapon's attack animation needs to be set to AttackLeft in either the GECK or Xedit otherwise the animation will not change obviously. Also, if the firing animation is too quick for your taste, go back to where you changed the attack anim in Xedit or the GECK, find "Attack Animation Multiplier" and lower the value.

Full disclaimer, i have absolutely no idea what im doing, this is all just trial and error in nifskope. I just wanted some semi auto anims
and i love Hit's shotgun set and cant do without it, so here we are. Also the original assets belong to Hitman, but any bugs you experience
from this mod belong to me, so dont go complaining to them if you have issues. (also don't go complaining to me either but that's not the

Many, many thanks to Hitman47101 for all the amazing animations they have released, and also for allowing the upload of their awesome assets in mods like this. Go and endorse the original mods