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Upgrades the vanilla Big MT Transportalponder! received at the conclusion of Old World Blues into a configurable teleportation device. Over 70 destinations are available, with options to expand to over 100 destinations, or reduce to around 20. Custom recall points are also possible, allowing quick access to The Sink and back!

Permissions and credits
Important Note - Please Read

TTW Transportalponder! Extended has been discontinued until further notice due to exenuating life circumstances. For more information, check the stickies in the discussion tab.

The current stable version is 3.0.2, and this version is recommended to be stable. However, a preview version of 3.1 is available, with some new features that includes moving the configuration mode to an alternate fire button, removing the Sneak requirement to access the configuration menu while in Auto-Recall (now Automatic) mode. The download can be found under Optional Files, as it is UNTESTED and is provided AS IS with NO SUPPORT. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! that being said I did play a lot with this build and it's proooobably okay to use

Original mod description follows.

Description and Usage

TTW Transportalponder! Extended is an upgrade for the default Big MT Transportalponder!. Inspired by other Transportalponder mods, I made a version that combined various features of other mods, as well as a list of additional destinations for quicker and easier fast travel. Version 3.0 ups the ante from my original version with even more destinations, the ability to return to Dead Money safely, balancing options to require ammo usage or a cooldown between uses, and more.

To use, simply fire the Transportalponder! like you would normally, and you’ll be presented with a menu of selections. From here you may choose to teleport to The Sink (or the Mojave Drive-In if you’re in Big MT), a custom recall point, any number of locations in both the Capital and Mojave wastelands and their DLCs, enter a configuration menu, or back out without doing anything.

The list of available destinations is dependent on how much of the wasteland you’ve visited! So get out there and discover more locations, and you’ll see more options on the Transportalponder!. Some locations may require more than just discovering their map marker. For a full list of destinations and unlock requirements (spoilers!), see this article.


Install as you would any other mod. For concerns about load order, see the Compatibility & Load Order section below.

Generally, this mod is safe to install mid-playthrough as long as you have not yet completed Old World Blues and received the Big MT Transportalponder!. If you already have the vanilla Transportalponder!, the TTW Transportalponder! may not initialize its script properly, rendering it useless. For more information and a possible fix, see this article. Installing after completion of Old World Blues is unsupported. Bugs reported as a result of this situation will be ignored.

Upgrading from 2.1: I’ve taken care to ensure that no form IDs have changed between 2.1 and 3.0. However, this is a major update. Almost every script has been updated, and attempting to upgrade mid-playthrough may cause issues or simply not work at all. Therefore upgrading from an in-progress game where you have already completed Old World Blues is unsupported. Bugs reported as a result of this situation will be ignored. If at all possible I suggest you begin a new game if you have already completed Old World Blues. For more information and a possible fix, see the article linked above.

Configuration Options

Most features of the TTW Transportalponder! can be configured directly from the menu. Some options may prevent accessing the menu as a result of their functionality. For example, Automatic Mode disables the menu entirely, and using the ammo or cooldown balance options may prevent Transportalponder! usage (and therefore accessing the menu). To get around this issue, the Configuration menu can be accessed at any time by firing the Transportalponder! when in sneak mode. If you find yourself in this situation, a helpful one-time message box will pop up to remind you of this feature.

For a full list of configuration options, see this article.

Compatibility & Load Order

This mod should be compatible with any other mod that does not alter the Transportalponder!, with the exception of certain Dead Money mods (see below).

Some cell or worldspace edits have been carried forward from TTW; this is by necessity as I’ve had to place some markers in certain areas as teleport destinations. As such, you should place this mod above any mods that would alter these areas, such as weather overhauls. Otherwise, those mods will be overridden by the TTW defaults.

Dead Money mods: In the vanilla game, returning to Dead Money would cause the Ghost People to become unkillable (unless you got Dog’s perk allowing you to kill them normally). This mod includes an edit to the Ghost People script to allow you to return and still be able to kill Ghost People. Any other mod that alters the Ghost People script may revert this change or replace them with their own scripts. As such, this mod is officially incompatible with such Dead Money mods. If you wish to use these overhauls, there is an alternate download in the Other Files section without the Ghost People script edit and Dead Money destinations, allowing you to use both mods simultaneously without conflict. If you still wish to keep the Dead Money destinations, you will need to test compatibility yourself. See this article for more information on how to do this, however I strongly recommend you just use the non-Dead Money version instead, as the article is for informational purposes only and no other support will be provided for addressing mod conflicts.

Mothership Zeta Rehaul: Currently not compatible as it has its own quest to upgrade the Big MT Transportalponder!. Looking into a compatibility patch for this. In the meantime, if you wish to run the mods side by side currently, I would recommend ignoring the Transportalponder! upgrade quest, as it will remove the TTW Transportalponder! and replace it with the rehaul's Modified Transportalponder; alternately you can complete the quest and then use the console to re-obtain this mod's version: player.AddItemAlt NVDLC03WeapTeleporter

Other Transportalponder! mods: Not compatible. Use only one mod that edits the Big MT Transportalponder!, whether it be this one or another of your choosing. Mesh or texture replacers editing the Transportalponder! that do not include a plugin or scriptrunner should work fine, however.

Tutorial Killer: This mod includes a small file for Tutorial Killer which turns the ED-E clone dismissed message pop-up into a corner message.

Future Plans (?)
IMPORTANT: Work on this mod is currently suspended due to personal life issues, and no updates are forthcoming at this time, barring the 3.1 preview release which will be going up under Optional Files. If at a future date I resume work on the mod, then I will likely continue working from the below roadmap. For now though, consider this the final release. Thank you for your understanding.

Future plans are only just that: plans, and not promises. Plans can change as a result of technical hurdles, design and usability concerns, time constraints, real-life situations, and more. Do not assume that everything listed below will be guaranteed to appear in the future!

With that in mind, here are my plans for future updates, arranged by the version number they're targeted for.

  • All versions
    • Bug fixes. For known bugs, see the Bugs tab. If you find a bug that's not listed, report it!
  • Version 3.1
    • Configuration menu will be reassigned to the Zoom button. No more fiddling with sneak mode.
    • Merge the "Auto-Recall" and "Automatic Mode" into a single option to minimize confusion.
    • Fix the "Allow Everywhere" cheat so that it works properly with Automatic Mode.
  • Version 3.2:
    • Consolidate all player homes and safehouses into their own destination menu.
    • Support for modded player homes and safehouses. Initial support will target all mods in the TTW Wasteland Survival Guide modding guide, barring any issues arising as a result.
    • Compatibility with Zeta Rehaul.
  • Version 4.0:
    • Major update with lots of new features.
    • The default settings will be changed to enable the balancing options: ammo usage, cooldown, inability to bring companions, et cetera. This is because I am adding...
    • An upgrade feature! An upgrade store will be added to The Sink's balcony where you can purchase upgrades to the Transportalponder! with caps. Why not inside the Sink proper? Because there are so many Sink overhauls and I don't want to make a dozen compatibility patches that just move the store around, that's why. :P
    • Upgrades you can look forward to:
      • Multiple recall points with the option to give them custom names.
      • Allow changing the two main menu destinations (The Sink and Mojave Drive-In) to almost any exterior point in the game.
      • Upgrades to reduce and eliminate the balancing options.
      • This one's a secret!
      • Add even more destinations to the menu. Why stop at over 100, when we can have UPWARDS of over 100?
      • Replace the gun entirely with a Transportalponder! Implant, allowing you to access all Transportalponder! functions by using a configurable hotkey. Now you can free up one of your weapon hotkeys!
    • Of course, you will be able to disable the upgrade system and balancing options by editing the .INI file. If you just want the new features and keep teleport costs free, you're totally welcome to do so!
    • An actual visual and audible teleport effect! This can be disabled in configuration settings.
  • Version 4.1:
    • This will likely be the final update for TTW Transportalponder! Extended, as I can't possibly think of anything else I'd want to add to it. Except for...
    • Custom destination support! Add your own vanilla or modded destinations to any of the existing destination lists, or create your own destination list! Now you can finally have your own destination menu for The Frontier and the like.
    • Any updates past 4.1 will likely only be bug fixes or compatibility updates.
  • Future modding-related endeavors:
    • A standalone version for New Vegas only (no TTW). This will be done after TTW Transportalponder! Extended is considered complete (after 4.1)
    • A "lite" version which is much closer to vanilla and just adds the option to go to the Capital Wasteland
    • After that I'll probably move on to other things and stop being such a one-trick pony.

If you have a good idea for the mod that isn't listed above, feel free to leave a comment in the Posts tab.

Credits & Thank Yous

  • RoyBatty and the TTW Team, for providing such an amazing mod and continuing to update it throughout the years.
  • The Many, Sweet6Shooter, shad0wshayd3, and others in the TTW Discord for providing help and feedback for this update.
  • Everyone on the TTW Forums who provided feedback and suggestions for this update
  • Everyone who's downloaded the mod and provided feedback, bug reports, and suggestions!