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This mod provides you with a greater choice regarding what items to receive at the beginning of the game when using TTW Quick Start.
No extra items/9mm Pistol/10mm Pistol/Waters/Stimpaks/MREs/Bandages are available options.
User configurable.

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TTW Quick Start is an excellent mod that lets you skip the Vault 101 intro, which takes forever.
However, it also dumps a ton of items on you at the start, to simulate what you would've picked up on your way out.
This makes the start of the game too easy, in my opinion, and so I made this mod.
By default, you now only start with the items needed to start the main quest: A vault suit, your Pip-Boy, and a user-configurable amount of stimpaks for good measure.

You can additionally enable:
A 9mm or 10mm pistol at your choice of health level.
A user-configurable amount of ammo. (Regular ammo, or optionally hollow-point ammo to mimic Fallout 1's starting gear more closely)
A user-configurable amount of MREs, purified water, and Doctor's Bags.

A user-configurable amount of Bandages from Aid Addon. (Aid Addon is not required for the file to work.)


Tale of Two Wastelands
Tale of Two Wastelands Quick Start


Wasteland Starting Gear DC
Highly recommended, it provides you stat based starting gear at the beginning of your TTW playthrough, only instead of being confined to items that could be in the vault, this mod stages a mock battle near Vault 101's exit door, and adds the gear to the dead combatants for you to loot.


RoyBatterian - for TTW Quick Start
Sweet6Shooter - for the extra item options and configuration options
Icon Guy - for the icon used in the thumbnail

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