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Nut ENB takes Warm and Cool colors and mashes them together in this beautiful natural ENB preset using 3 different Weather Options. TTW compatible

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This is an ENB preset that I hand made myself using something like Supreme ENB as a reference for its ENB pallette which gives this ENB a nice cool color tone with it. I also made the sun more of an orange coloration which gives it a nice warm feeling to the wasteland. This ENB is also TTW compatible with all the current Weather Presets. I will be adding more weather mod support in the future.

1. First Head to ENBdev and grab the newest version that is available.

2. Extract into its own folder and grab the D3D9.dll file AND the enbhost.exe file and put them into your root folder for New Vegas (The folder where your FalloutNV.exe is)

3. Then grab my preset and extract it to it's own folder

4. Then grab all files EXCEPT for the weathers folder and drag and drop into your root folder where you last placed the enbhost.exe file

5. Now with the ENB correctly installed go back into whatever preset you grabbed whether it be the CM or 47 Weathers preset they both come with the weather mod zipped up and ready to be installed via your mod manager of choice, install them and enable their ESP.

6. Boot up your game and it should work :)

OPTIONAL: Now if you want to run reshade alongside this ENB it is quite easy to get it to work, all you need to do is grab reshade from their website and go into your root folder and rename ENB's d3d9.dll into d3d9ENB.dll (it's so reshade doesn't remove it) be sure to also grab the Directx9 version of the reshade. Now go back to your root directory and rename the NEW d3d9.dll that reshade added to "d3d9_reshade.dll" and rename the d3d9ENB.dll BACK to d3d9.dll. Now go into your enblocal.ini that is provided and change the ProxyLibrary into d3d9_reshade.dll. 

Your ProxyLibrary should look like this "ProxyLibrary=d3d9_reshade.dll"

If you are still struggling installing ENB you can follow this video here:


Boomstick for setting me up with his nice ENB template
TheConfidenceMan for the sweet Weather Mod
Hitman for the epic 47 Weather's Mod