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Attempt to fix Elijah's voice loudness and clipping issues in Dead Money.

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I noticed my mod has been featured on Sinitar's "ULTIMATE" mod list.
For those of you who are currently following it, I urge you to read this essay by forever_phoenix.

I also recommend you follow Viva New Vegas or S#ARP. You deserve an easier and more stable mod list by authors who do not berate you when asking for support.


Elijah's voice through holograms sucks. Majorly. This attempts to fix that.

The practically essential JIP LN NVSE Plugin mod adds distortion to a lot of extra sound emitters in the game, like holotapes and tannoys. This bugs out when peak frequencies are too high. To fix that, I ran a sweep through all of Elijah's voice files and lowered to a certain threshold.

It's a hack, and it makes certain lines quieter, but it's a decent tradeoff in my opinion.

These files are for the English version. If you're having issues in another language, please let me know and I'll patch those files too.


Install through a mod manager of your choice - preferably Mod Organizer 2.

Unless you're using the OGG version (read the FAQ if you don't know which one to use), I recommend pairing this with BSA Decompressor.
If you're following Viva New Vegas, which you probably should be, you should already have ran it.


This mod should be fine with any other mod that doesn't affect Elijah's vanilla voice lines. If a mod does, let it overwrite this mod, however those lines will sound borked again.


Q: Why use this over setting bVoiceModulationFix=0?
A: Disabling bVoiceModulationFix
means holotapes and certain other activators won't have any distortion.
     This mod remains as a happy medium. You get your distortion and your ears don't bleed when Elijah speaks.

Q: Why is the WAV version so much larger?
A: WAV files cannot be compressed, while OGG files can.

Q: So which version should I use?
A: As long as you have the space, you should download the WAV version. Gamebryo struggles with OGG files for some reason.
    Feel free to try the OGG version if you like, but I can't tell you what bugs you'll get.

Q: Can I install this mid-game?
A: You can! It's just an audio replacer with no plugins or scripts. You can also remove it mid-game if you wanted!

Q: I installed it and the audio sounds much quieter!
A: Please read my pinned comment as to why it's like that. They will be fixed in a future update.


Do whatever you like with these. They're just less-bad vanilla audio files. Use them for YouTube skits, make weird smutty videos with them for Rule34, I couldn't care less.