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Attempt to fix Elijah's voice loudness and clipping issues in Dead Money.

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Elijah's voice through holograms sucks. Majorly. This attempts to fix that.

The reason it sounds so bad is because back during development, something went wrong with the distortion filters used on Elijah's voice, so they baked it into his files manually. Unfortunately after fixing it, they enabled the distortion filter on his voice, making it worse, and left many of his files with such an ear-bleeding loudness, it can cause catastrophic blood loss.

To fix it, I simply ran all of his voice files through Audacity's Loudness Normalization filter. Is this taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut? Yes. Do I care? Not enough to sit and listen through 500+ borked audio files.

This mod does NOT fix the general distortion issues. Those are far beyond my capabilities and motivation.
This mod DOES fix the distortion that comes with excessive gain, so you may not need to disable distortion effects anymore.

Since I've ran all of Elijah's voice files through this filter, his voice may be a little quieter. I can't hear any discernable difference myself, but it's a good trade regardless.

It should also be noted that I've done absolutely no testing for this outside of the scene I recorded. If you have any bugs, please let me know.
I played through Dead Money from the scene you see in the attached video, and noticed no major bugs or audio glitches.


Install through a mod manager of your choice. Preferably Mod Organizer 2.
This mod is a simple audio replacer and only contains loose audio files. You're safe to install this during a playthrough and uninstall it after you've finished Dead Money.