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This patch slims down the integrated clothes in the Nif-Bashed Armor Pack, disabling the integration of the less than perfect armors, rebalancing most of them (with DT and DR), and making multiple completely unique with custom placements.

Permissions and credits
Requires v 4.2 on Tammer's Wiki
Requires JIP LN

TTW is the main version because I wanted to place the uniques mostly in the Capital Wasteland. There may have been some other reason at the start that I forgot about as well.

I really like this pack, but there's a couple of armors that I don't really like the look of, and some that I didn't feel were quite appropriate or interesting to see on NPCs commonly. This patch redoes pretty much all of the names of the armors, makes a bunch of them uniques, changes their armor effects, renames all the armor effects to simply the name of the armor, disables multiple of the lesser quality armors, adds two new bosses, and makes three of the armors craftable and player specific. It also adds a generic version of the Captain Enclave shield, featuring an excellent texture by Scout!

I'm not planning on reintroducing any of the armors I disabled, optional or not. I mostly just made this for myself.
As of right now, I also do not plan on making patches or changes to the vendor plugins. They're just not worth two esm slots to me.

I also may or may not update this to accompany new versions of the pack. Unless Tammer updates the nexus page with a dummy update, I probably won't ever remember to go back and check for updates. Sorry, I just rely heavily on the nexus' update available display a lot. LMK if there's new updates, and I'll see if there's enough additions for me to update this.

Just about all of the armors are optional in the config ini.

Brand new Hazardous Welding Helmet texture by Kiler141!

I regret to say it, but this mod has received it's final update in this format. Due to the nature of TTW's changes to item values, it's an enormous pain to version for both TTW and NV versions of armor, weapon, and ingestible mods. This mod was already a gigantic pain to update, with it's disparate TTW and NV placements, and the extra work required now is prohibitive to my productivity.
This version will stay up indefinitely, for NV and 3.2.2 users, who it should continue to work for reliably.
I will be including this in STAR TTW (Sweet's Total Armor Redux) for 3.3 forward.

Will I do this for the weapon pack?
No. The work required for the relatively mediocre payout is more than I want to bother with.

This patch is currently not with existing saves that did not have the patch installed, or either vendor plugin.

NV Version available, courtesy of TedKordBlueBeetle

Armor changes:

Renamed to Rattlesnake Jacket
DT/DR  8/10
Unique, found on a tough raider in Bonnie Springs

Renamed to Wanderer's Riot Armor
DT/DR  15/15
Armor Effect removed
Repair list changed to LR Riot Armor
Craftable, using a cowboy jacket and a broken riot armor, which is purchasable from the NCR Quartermaster at Hoover Dam

Vault Pariah
Renamed to Vault Pariah Armored Jumpsuit
DT/DR 6/8 
Armor Effect changed to only apply survival bonus if the player has no companions
Craftable, using any vault jumpsuit, a turpentine, and a leather armor or 6 leather belts

Renamed to Light Combat Armor
Changed to light armor
DT/DR  10/8 
Armor Effect removed

Renamed to Defuser Power Armor/Bomb Defuser Helmet
DT/DR: There's actually a startup script that changes the value, health, weight, and armor values of this armor to being slightly tougher than whatever values the base T-51 has in your modlist
Unique, found in a (hard) locked case in an exterior of Nellis, near Loyal's house. There's a key for it, look in the general area for it

Renamed to Combat Vest
DT/DR  8/8 
Armor Effect changed to also provide +5 Guns, crit bonus reduced by 5%

Kingmaker Power Armor
Renamed to NPC Commander Salvaged Power Armor
DT/DR  40/20 
Armor Effect changed to also provide +5 Guns, crit bonus reduced by 5%
Unique, either provided to Cassandra Moore by script, or it's placed in a container in her office

Star Trooper
Renamed to Prototype Space Power Armor
DT/DR  28/15 
Armor Effect added fire and poison resistance
Unique, found in the Experimental Lab in Mothership Zeta
All scripts have been modified to allow you to use this as a space suit. No quest objectives have, however. You will still need the astronaut suit to progress the quest.

NV: Very Hard lock in the basement area near the ghoul body in the repconn rocket lab.

Renamed to Tactical Combat Vest
DT/DR  8/10 
Armor Effect changed to grant 5 Guns and 5 Melee Weapons
Script to add Survival Knife has been disabled, since it never fired for some reason, no matter how much debugging I tried.

Renamed to Commando Armor
DT/DR  12/12 
Armor Effect changed to 3 Guns, Explosives, and Energy Weapons

Much too similar to the base game Assassin Suit

Renamed to Heist Armor
Blue gloves removed
DT/DR  10/14 
Purchasable from Mister Holdout

Renamed to Raider Purifier Robes
DT/DR  6/9 
Armor Effect changed to just increase explosives

Now it's unplayable, and on a boss in Vault 106, along with the Videotron Head

NV: Not featured

Renamed to Scavenged Combat Robes
DT/DR  10/12 
Armor Effect changed to increase DR by 5 while running

Renamed to Elijah's Armor
DT/DR  8/12 
Armor Effect changed to just increase EW by 10
Unique, Elijah's base robe is replaced via script

Renamed to Wanderer's Leather Jacket
DT/DR  6/8 
Armor Effect changed to increase carry weight by 5, and melee weapons by 8
Craftable, using lightweight or regular metal and leather armor, or a lightweight or regular leather armor and 8 scrap metal

Vault Boy Helmet
Renamed to Vault Boy Mascot Head
Repair list removed
DT/DR  0/0 
Armor Effect changed to also reduce perception by 2
Unique, found in a dresser in the Overseer's quarters in Vault 101 if the player has the Wild Wasteland trait

NV: Doesn't require WW. It's in goodsprings somewhere, I won't spoil the location.

Liberator Helmet
Renamed to Prototype Scanner Helmet
DT/DR 5/8 
Armor Effect changed to only increase energy resistance by 5
Unique, purchasable from the Citadel's quartermaster, or stolen from the room next to her

NV: Hidden Valley, look around, you'll find it.

Devil Hound Helmet
Renamed to Prototype Hazmat Combat Helmet
DT/DR  6/10
Armor Effect changed to also decrease speech by 5 and charisma by 1, buffed other resistances to +10
Unique, found in the Chinese Spy Bunker in Point Lookout

NV: Charleston Cave. near Jacobstown

Heretic Hood
Renamed to Heretic's Hood
DT/DR  2/2 

Safecracker Beret
Renamed to Guiding Star Beret
DT/DR  0/1 
Armor Effect changed to increase lockpick by 10
Unique, found in a locked footlocker on the very top of Rivet City

NV: On top of the Gobi Campaign Sniper Rifle footlocker

Skiptracer Helmet
Renamed to Hazardous Welding Helmet
DT/DR  4/4 
Armor Effect changed to also reduce perception by 1
Unique, set of 4 found in a case in the second area of the Corvega Factory

NV: OWB Chemical building


Now it's unplayable, and on a boss in Vault 106, along with the Ronin Armor

Shotcaller Headset
Renamed to Radio Headset
DT/DR  0/3 

Patriot Armor
Renamed to Enclave Patriot Armor/Helmet
Shield STR requirement increased, block sound improved, grants 10 DT when equipped, and 10 DR when moving, no longer auto equips when armor is equipped
DT/DR  10/12 
Armor Effect changed to increase CHR by 1 and AP by 20, only if the wearer is Very Evil
Unique, found in the armory to the right of the entrance of the Enclave Mobile Base in Broken Steel

NV: Locker in Remnant Base

Burnie Bear Mask
Renamed to Bear Mask
DT/DR  0/1 
Armor Effect changed to grant Terrifying Presence
Can be found in duffle bags in Honest Hearts

Sunchaser Suit

Heartbreaker Outfit
DT/DR 2/4
Armor Effect changed to increase Speech by 3 and Crit Chance by 3

Lawbringer Outfit

Trailblazer Outfit
Renamed to Scout Outfit
DT/DR  2/4 

Hardboiled Trenchcoat
Renamed to Detective's Trenchcoat
DT/DR  4/6 
Armor Effect changed to grant bonus attack speed with Grunt weapons

Tracker Outfit

Hazard Suit
Renamed to Prototype Hazard Suit
DT/DR  4/6 
Armor Effect changed to also increase rad resistance even more, as well as strongly resist poison and fire.
Unique, found at the Disaster Relief Outpost in Point Lookout (I think that's toward the south west of the map)

NV: Devil's Throat



Lab Rat


Grease Monkey
Renamed to Wanderer's Jumpsuit
DT/DR  5/9 
Craftable, using a RobCo Jumpsuit and a leather armor, or 6 leather belts

Renamed to Raider Spiked Leather Jacket
DT/DR  5/8
Skull effect turned off
Added to raider armor condition lists


Renamed to Combat Jacket
Repair list changed to combat armor
DT/DR  12/15 

Renamed to Cowboy Brawler Outfit
DT/DR  6/8 
Armor Effect changed to increase Unarmed by 8

Academic Outfit
DT/DR  0/0 

Lead Slinger
Renamed to Cowboy Jacket
DT/DR  4/6 
Armor Effect changed to also increase Survival by 3

Duffle Bag
Renamed to Heavy Duffle Bag
Script removed, now it just works like a regular backpack
Added an AP penalty and an agility penalty, -2 while Survival < 70, -1 while above 70, -20 Sneak
+60 lbs.

Wayfinder Shades
Renamed to Electronic Shades
Very low health, repaired using small energy cells, high value
DT/DR  0/1 
Armor Effect changed to reduce PER by 1 if it's daytime and you're outside, increase it by 1 if it's night or you're inside, and adds a bonus +1 at all times if you have Four Eyes

Night Vision
Renamed to Night Vision Headset
DT/DR  1/2 
Armor Effect changed to decrease speech by 3, and reduce perception during the day


Renamed to Military Rebreather
Replacement scrubber added to repair list
Scrubber value increased

Ultor Legionis Armor
Renamed to Legion Flag Bearer Power Armor/Helmet
Grants bonus melee damage
Given to Aurelius of the Legion

Commando Assault Power Armor
Renamed to Divide Stalker Power Armor
Uses PA repair list, configured as a light, sneaky PA
Placed in LR near the beginning of the Courier's Mile

Death Angel Power Armor
Renamed to Wasteland Scourge Power Armor/Helmet
Reconfigured as a unique T-51/Helmet, crafted, requires that you have a T-51 and Arc Welder in your inventory
Recipe includes a lot of ECP, Scrap Metal, and a Prostitute Outfit

Weapon changes:
New generic Antique Shield has been added with a new 2k/1k texture.
It grants similar bonuses to the enclave shield, but +8 to each instead of 10
Can be found in loot in tier 3 armor locations

Survival Knife has a brand new monochrome texture! It's also been added to combat knife condition lists, and it's health is a lil higher than the base. It's no longer associated with the Tactical Vest, since I could never understand why the script abjectly failed to initialize at all when it was equipped.