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Swaying Electricity Pylon Wires - Wind reaction Animation.

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Animated pylon wires - 
ever wake up in a cold sweat thinking about all the static objects in fallout new Vegas? then this mod is for you.
Those pesky static wires shall not be free from wind reactions anymore. The animation is very subtle, but at least you can rest at night knowing fallout new Vegas is a little bit more immersive. This is an espless mod as its just an asset replacer, meaning it will not raise your plugin amount.

Update 04/08/2021
Changes the Animations from a group Back and forth movement to 6 separate Animated swinging Wires - Added to files - recommended Animation and an optional pronounced Animation . 

Not that important, but I do have a little group chat set up to talk about my modding and what not, so if you would like to join to keep up to date with what I am doing or want to help out, then feel free to pop by and say hi  https://discord.gg/uaxEyduew3



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  • Nexus and the nexus community
  • Nifskope
  • blender
  • obsidian/bethesda - the assets used in this are just a mashup of their assets
  • Blender nif extentsion
  • Geck
  • Geck extender
  • NVSE 
  • Imgur 
  • Youtube
  • niftools
  • and all you, but especially dream for Gifting me Premium  :)