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Animated Foliage for Fallout New Vegas

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Animates the leaves of 18 previously static trees to produce more life like foliage, the Animation is subtle and almost follows that of the grass( the leaves just move back and forth). One step closer to immersion .  The mod is only an Asset change so no ESP space is taken. 
 the yucca and josh tree animations are pretty bad. I made this mod because I was having a lot of fun playing around with animations, but tbh its not that great, if you want just simple vanilla stuff, so you don't have to worry about LOD and stuff then go ahead and use it, but if you want a really good game use Vurts mods, they are just far superior and are not even comparable to this amateurish mod.

Update 10/06/2021
Added an alternative file which contains all the stuff but with New yucca and josh tree animations (not necessarily better). I just disliked my first animations which had abrupt stops, so I made new continuous animations, but they are a bit fast and seem like they are in a tropical storm. lol. makes them a lot more noticeable, I know some of you prefer that.

Update 17/05/2021
not really an update, just added an optional file which contains everything, should save you a few seconds of downloading if you just want everything. 

Update 12/05/2021 adds more Animated Trees and Fixes a Incorrect Animation in one of the trees - This is most likely The final Update, Unless anyone finds any problems. but so far nothing has been reported. Thank you all for sticking with this Foliage Animation Project. - this is just a small part in my Animation project called "Project lively". find my other Animations on my profile - or in the quick links below in the "my other Animation mods section".

update 09/05/2021 - Finished some of the Trees for the Jacobs Town Pack - two new trees have been added - Huzzah

old Update  - 08/05/2021 Animated Red Cedar pack + adds 3 Trees

old Update - 07/05/2021 made you all a small Animated plant, to say thanks for the support +1 Animated plant - the endorsements and downloads are amazing. Thank you all! 





  Comparison video - Tree on the Right is Animated

Not that important, but I do have a little group chat set up to talk about my modding and what not, so if you would like to join to keep up to date with what I am doing or want to help out, then feel free to pop by and say hi  https://discord.gg/uaxEyduew3

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