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Qolore7 - Moburma - Schizofriendlia

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Modern recreation of Strip Open, featuring many bug fixes, occlusion panes, and fixed meshes to deliver a much more stable, performance friendly, and bug free experience

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- Opens up The Strip into one contiguous world space
- All scripted scenes, quests, and AI packages have been ensured to work properly 
- Navmesh has been completely re-done to fix pathing bugs 
- Occlusion panes have been added to help boost performance, based on the ones from Yaruosus's FNV Occlusion Overhaul mod
- Fixed and heavily optimized meshes for many models used on The Strip have been provided thanks to SciRika Mesh fixes have been moved to an expanded standalone mod here
- Fixed broken LOD in the original mod by re-generating it and not including it in the BSA file

- Any mods that were compatible/incompatible with the original Open Strip mod will remain so, unless the mod has a plugin dependency for the original
- Incompatible with The Strip NPCs Uncut
- This mod has been tested and made on a very light load order, which is recommended
- You cannot install/uninstall this mid-save, no exceptions

FO3Phalanx (aka Tarrant) for The Strip Open - Modders Resource version
moburma80 and TheQuickness (aka Schizofriendlia) for The Strip Open
Yaruosus for FNV Occlusion Overhaul
SciRika for the fixed meshes
SunsetTechuila for the fix for the Tops Promoter mismatched body
FlippyWalrusTV's for the fix for NPCs not spawning properly in the middle Strip zone