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When the player takes the Cowboy perk or when Raul becomes a cowboy again, their hip-firing with single-action revolvers will now use hitman's revolver fanning animation.

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  • this is a dumb stupid mod that I really only made to get a grip 
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knvse works, so this is
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 when the player takes the cowboy perk or raul becomes a cowboy their animations for the single-action revolver and lucky will be changed to be the revolver fanning animations from Anniversary Anim Pack. The animations will also revert when you take the perk away in case you're using something like


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  1. egarding updating, the only thing I can think of is adding the revalver fanning to NPCs who use a single-action revolver and are vaguely cowboy-ish

  1.  i already did made raul fan revolvers when he becomes a cowboy again