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Port and update of the awesome Drayk_Cannon The Groovatron with functional NVSE options and more.

Permissions and credits
Name: The Groovatron NV
Version: 1.0
Category: Animation
Author(s): Drayk_Cannon, with animations by umpa, Backsteppo, Axepriest, guerrerodelyermo LostRider and Sari-December
Source: http://www.newvegasnexus.com/members/editfile.php?id=42528
Port and update by Koupoable

This is a port and update of The Groovatron for New Vegas, ESP ONLY (with some other fix and update files) so you need to download and install the Groovatron fallout 3 version first.

For those who don't know what The Groovatron is, it's a weapon (not even needed if you have NVSE except for the dance party) which allow you to play a lot a different poses very quicky through menus on player or npcs, you can also set a hotkey for any of those poses to play it immediatly on self or on a npc.

You can move a npc where you want, make him neutral toward you if it's an enemy (temporarily), access his inventory, restrain him, freeze him, undress him, make him raise his weapon, clone him, put him to the stasis chamber to store him etc...

You can play any music you want with the MP3 player integrated.

There is also now a portable player home where you can teleport at any time and put your stuff, heal yourself, change your haircut or your face, cook.
The house is companion friendly you can make them wait there.

See below the Description part of the original mod for more details.

Before any questions regarding the port, take a look at the readme please, all change i made are in a different color.

/!\ESP functionality for (You must download and install separately)/!\

Needed :

The Groovatron Fallout 3

Optional but highly recommended :

F3 Umpa Animation 0.7a by umpa

LostRider For a Few Poses More NV

LostRider Slave In Pose NV

Poses By Sari-December

(Don't forget to endorse those mod if you like their work!)

1 :
(Needed) Download and install :

The Groovatron

Optional but highly recommended :

F3 Umpa Animation 0.7a by umpa
LostRider For a Few Poses More NV
LostRider Slave In Pose NV
Poses By Sari-December

(Don't forget to endorse those mod if you like their work!)

2 :
Install the content of The Groovatron NV in your New Vegas data directory and say yes to overwrite files

3 :
Open the launcher of your choice

4 :
Disable :

The Groovatron.esp

and if you have them :

FewPosesMore NVedition.esp
Slave In Pose NV Edition.esp

5 :
Enable The Groovatron NV.esp, launch the game, then load a saved game or start a new game

6 :
Wait up to 15 seconds for items to be added (after receiving your Pip-Boy if new game started)

To Remove
1.Delete The Groovatron NV.ESP

2.Delete the following directories and files inside them:

3.If desired, remove the files belonging to Some Poses, Object Poses, Pair Poses, FAFF, ActionPoses, poses by LostRider and poses by SariDecember


The Groovatron Weapon:
- A unique multifunction weapon. Brings up a menu when you shoot an NPC (I call this Groovifying)
- You can make NPCs dance, pose, access their inventory, put them in stasis, give them facial
expressions, and much more
- You can also set a teleport marker at any NPCs's location, then use Groovy Snacks to teleport there
- The NPC's combat reaction is inhibited by script (see readme for list of incompatible NPCs)
- Enemy to Ally Mode (optional) allows you to make hostile NPCs temporarily friendly
- Extra functions include Dance Party! and Pair Pose Mode (toggle in Settings)

Groovy Snacks:
- Assign [Groovy Snacks] to a hotkey to use
- Brings up Groovy Settings Menu (1st p camera mode)
- Let you use dances/animations/poses/expressions on your own character (3rd p cam mode)
- Give you access to Visual Effects (Imagespace modifiers) (3rd p cam mode)
- Let you hide your Pip-Boy or Pip-Boy glove (3rd p cam mode)
- Let your character participate in Pair Poses (When pair pose mode on)
- Let you set a teleport marker at your location or teleport to your marker (3rd p cam mode)

Groovy Gear:
- You also get an MP3 Player, Disco Ball, Groovy Orb, and Movable Light added to your inventory
- See readme for instructions

NVSE Extras:
- Groovatron functions and more become available at the press of a key
- The following keys are bound by this mod and can be customized in the Settings Menu
"C" - Groovify
"X" - Freeze NPC in place - up to 10 NPCs can be frozen in place
(This key has dual functionality and can be set to put/remove NPCs in Stasis instead of freezing)
(Can also be used to place teleport marker or teleport to it)
"M" - Toggle Vanity Mode
"L" - Toggle Long Reach Mode
"P" - Auto-Screenshot (Takes a screenshot without the HUD)
"0" - (Zero) Settings Menu (Includes options to change keybindings)
- Grab Live NPC allows you to use the "grab" key (default: "Z") to grab, position, and move live NPCs
- Camera Controls (in Settings) allow you to change your 3rd person camera to Overhead or Left-Sided
- NVSE users can access Pip-Boy when player character animation is playing (animation is stopped)
- Jump to Main Menu - Pressing "Shift" before clicking [Return] returns you to main Groovify menu
- The NVSE method of Groovifying is recommended for NPC facial expressions

NOTE: You must have the Groovy Coin in your inventory for NVSE additions to work.
If you have set custom keybindings, then obviously use that key instead of the ones listed above.

See the full readme file for detailed usage and FAQ (included with the download)

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(Don't forget to endorse those mod if you like their work!)

===================== Changelog ============================
v1.0 :

- Dance Party broken menu "Dance 64-68" fixed.
- Poses by LostRider menu reworked to be more organised.
- Fix poses by LostRider, i forgot to add 10 poses.

- Added new poses made by Sari-December -> 56 new poses.
- Added "Fallout New Vegas animations" (In the Fallout animations category) with new animations.
- Added Quick key for Fallout New Vegas animations. (In the Fallout animations category)
- Added Quick key menu for Poses by LostRider
- Added Quick key menu for Poses by SariDecember
- Added the Stasis House, a player home based on the Lucky 38 suite with some basic features, you can teleport to any other rooms from there, hope you'll enjoy, if you don't like it's totally optional but i wanted to do this, i had fun making it. :)

v0.6 :

- Broken menu "Choose by number" category in some poses fixed.


Thanks to

Bethesda Game Studios
the creators of FOSE and NVSE
the creators of NifSkope
Timeslip for FOMM/TESSnip
ALL Fallout3Nexus/TheNexusForums Modders, Users, and Administrators
Everyone who reported issues and made suggestions