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Integrates Prodlimen's lore-friendly creatures into the game via script as enemies. TTW Versions available. INI config options available.

Permissions and credits
  • Polish
This mod is a coalescence of Prodlimen's Skynet Classic Robobrain, K9 Cyberdog, Gorgon, Miss Nanny, Sentrytron, Classic Mr. Handy (Both 1 and 2), Miss Brainmocker Robot, Snallygaster, Frenzied Bloatfly, Floating TVs, Bloodbug, Flamer Bot, Protect-O-Bot, Cazador Nymph, Crippled Cazador, Honey Beast, Tendril Floater, and Swarmbot modder's resources, integrated into leveled lists via script as enemies. You can expect any lore friendly new modder's resources from Prodlimen to be integrated into this after they release.
Any creatures you don't want can be disabled in Config\Prodlimen Integration Config.ini.

My Changes
I made a selection of changes to the existing implementation of the creatures to make them better suited to be enemies:
  • Creature factions have been updated to make sure each has the correct allegiances.
  • Bloatfly Frenzied changed to Frenzied Bloatfly.
  • Bloodbug Berserk changed to Berserk Bloodbug.
  • TV of Death renamed to Rusty Radio Bot, Radio Bot, Rusty Speaker Bot, and Speaker Bot. EDE versions were removed. Each also plays Mojave Music Radio.
Radio Bots has antennae, Speaker Bots do not. I'm open to changing these names to something lore friendly and more intuitive.
  • Miss Nanny changed to Deranged Administration Handy and Administration Handy. They have an extra chance to drop cameras, pre war books, and sensor modules.
  • Special stats have been adjusted to fit new names.
  • Snallygast renamed to Feral FEV Mutant.
Snallygast is a silly name, more chosen for cultural myth context than fallout context. Open to replacements, but I'm not changing it back, F76 or no.
  • K9 named Deranged K-9 Police Dog.
The idea behind this is that they were police cyborg dogs that have since become hostile to anyone.
  • F3 concept art handy pack 1 renamed to Antique __ (Mr Handy, Mr Gutsy, Police _, Deranged _, Repconn _, Outcast _ Polished _, Enclave _).
  • F3 concept art handy pack 2 renamed to Mr. Observer, Enclave Observer, Police Observer. Observers have extra chance to drop cameras and sensor modules.
  • Sentrytron renamed to Prototype Sentry Enforcer (/Deranged, Police, Repconn).
  • Skynet robobrain renamed to Antique Robobrain. 
  • Miss Brainmocker renamed to Miss Instructor. Miss Instructor has a chance to drop a skill magazine, and a really low chance to drop a book.
  • Worldspace entries for all but Miss Brainmocker have been removed.
  • Minor changes to creature turn and movement speed.
  • Flamer Bot renamed to Mr. Incinerator, made it destructible, using the Inc. 40mm grenade explosion. My idea with it's name is that it's an autonomous garbage disposal unit. Totally ridiculous and horribly unsafe? Absolutely. Fits into unsafe corporate decisions made by pre-war companies? I certainly think so!
  • Protect-O-Bot has been renamed to Prototype Protectron. This name is definitely up for replacement if I see a good idea. I tweaked it's speed down a bit, and changed it's DT to protectron DT.
  • The cazador nymph is about 60% bigger than the original modder's resource plugin. It's still very small, but the original was a little too close to a horsefly's size for visibility during gameplay.
  • I created Giant and Nymph versions of the crippled cazador.
  • Swarmbot renamed to Wasteland Robot. My idea is that it's a custom robot, made by wastelanders over time. Name is definitely up for change if I hear a better suggestion.
  • Robot Spiders renamed to Spider Drone and Attack Spider Drone.
  • Centaur Salamander renamed to Centimones (Roman mythical monster with many arms)
  • Classic Centaur renamed to Centaur Mutt.
  • Centaur Twin renamed to Conjoined Centaur.
  • Classic Handies, Etc. renamed to Obsolete ___.
  • Skull Centaur changed to Decaying Centaur
  • Junk Mob renamed to Centaur Mob, balanced to be a boss.
  • Brahmin Extramutations renamed to Mutated Brahmin.
  • I removed the eggs on the back of the Honey Bee, because I didn't think they looked very good.
  • I made the default tiny honey bee non hostile, with a slightly larger one as a protector version.
  • I shrunk the default size of the Honey Beast a little, and made a larger Queen boss variant.
  • I removed the Manowar Floater's weapon, made it burst on death, and renamed it to Burst Floater. I tried to make it use the glowing ghoul's rad burst when it attacks you, but it doesn't really seem to attack at all. It's mostly scenery.
Where's ___?

Robots have been added to robot and wasteland encounter lists, and creatures have been added to wasteland leveled lists and some similar lists to the ones they inherit animations from (bloatfly+bloodbug, etc.) by script. Each creature is generally not added with equal saturation to vanilla enemy proportions; they're left relatively rarer than the creatures you're used to seeing. Most robots have just the robot faction, but the base game protectrons and such that spawn with the enclave and talon just have that faction too, so the new robots shouldn't fight the patrons they spawn with.
Any creatures that don't have dismemberment in the original mods still don't here. Any limitations described on the original pages still apply.
Mr. Incinerator shows up solo at first, then in packs of two or three at higher levels.

First, use your mod manager to install the asset pack.
Then, install the main file and select your integration options in the config ini.

Shouldn't have any compatibility issues.
Can I use this with __ mod that requires one of the original plugins?
Yes! I merged all the original plugins together, so the IDs are different. You can install any of the original mods or the companion patches that folks have made, and they'll work fine. Any changes made by one of those other mods will not affect any creatures handled and placed by this mod.

You should be able to update at any time safely. Your chosen ini options will be overwritten, make sure to reset them.

Version 10 is an ini update, grab your new ini from the separated config ini download.
It's also an asset pack update, grab the new version.

Everything should be fine, as far as I've tested. Let me know about balancing issues. Some of the creatures' attacks don't always connect very well, increasing their attack distance might help, let me know if it's a noticeable issue. Definitely let me know if faction robots always fight or get killed by their human compatriots (Enclave, Talon, Boomers)

Huge credit to Prodlimen for their creation and implementation of each creature's model and creature entry! The assets are very pretty and high quality, and the fact that they already had their correct animation and model info in their plugins was the only reason I could set this up so readily.
I used a formlist update script by mc_tammer as a template for this one. Thanks for such a straightforward example for scripted inegration!
Zenkon13 was my example for how to make the tv bots play radio.

My Other Mods:
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