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Adds a set of five outfits to Victor's shack in Goodsprings. Can be found in a footlocker at the back of the desks inside.

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Hey there friend! Yes I'm talking to yoooou! 

Are you tired of the same old boring clothing that's been around for 200 years and yet everyone and their pet molerat has? Well then your in luck chum, as your friendly Convicted felon (pending trial) has got you covered with this fantastic range of attire that I totally didn't loot of a corpse.

The outfits can be found inside Victor's Shack in Goodsprings. Inside a footlocker behind the metal desks.

What does this mod do?:

This mod adds in a selection of nine outfits that you or your companions can wear. At the moment only some of these outfits have female varients. Those being; New Vegas Samurai, Paramedic Jumpsuit and Vault Gambler. I plan to add female versions for all outfits but it takes time, so please bare with me.

Currently this pack contains seven outfits;

Dr Wasteland M.D.: Not all of us are lucky enough to be able to go to one of those fancy medical schools the followers set-up. Besides, you've saved more lives than they have fingers. And that's eight by the way, since thumbs ain't fingers. You know these things, your a doctor!

Wasteland Preacher: God's not dead, not as long as your around anyways. You may not have a fancy church like some clergymen but hey, with enough water and conviction the wasteland can be your church. Just make sure you stock up on holy hand grenades.

Detective's Trench coat:  A man (well, sort of a man) once said ''The Detective's life isn't an easy one'' but you tend to disagree. With your fancy duds your sure to attract that next big case.  If you focus hard enough, you can still smell the whisky and deep loathing for playing by the rules from this coat.

New Vegas Samurai: You've got a gig in Vegas, and no amount of bandits, gumballs or supernatural entities are gonna get in your way! With you trusty tuxedo and six string guitar your ready to float away like a butterfly. (Seriously, go watch Six String Samurai it real good and free on Youtube).

Vault Gambler: What do you do when your in Vegas? You gamble! Try your hand at the tables with this flashy ensemble, adorned with your lucky red shirt and even luckier six gun. Let's just hope you can break even, before the bank breaks you.

Paramedic Jumpsuit: CLEAR! Is what you'll be shouting in this spiffy jumpsuit. With its flashy bright colours and deep pockets, you'll have all you need to take on the wastes and heal those booboos. 

Police Uniform: Its time to clean up this wasteland, one bad guy at a time! Patrol the highways and byways with this pre-war Police uniform and make them evil doers rue the day they crossed Johnny Law!

Mobster Suit: So your a wise guy eh? Well you'll certainly look like one with this suit! A favorite with New Reno goons and crooked politicians, your bound to turn some heads either on the strip or the wastes with those crisp, 200 year old pin stripes. As a side note, helps to hide blood stains very well...

Card Dealer Outfit: They say the house always wins, well with this snazzy outfit so will you. The standard attire for card dealers from before the war, you'll be able to dazzle the patrons while you bleed them dry.  

What's new?


  • Added two new outfits: Mobster Suit and Card Dealer outfit
  • Changed the mesh and texture for the Detective's Trench Coat (big thanks to flamenx01 for help with the first person view model.)


  • Added two new outfits;  Police Uniform and Paramedic Jumpsuit
  • Added female variants of New Vegas Samurai and Vault Gamble.

Few things from me, 

  • The Wise guy hat doesn't currently work with the female model. I'm hoping to fix this soon.
  • The Card Dealer Outfit has some clipping issues with the female model.
  • I plan on adding more and more to this as time goes by, so check back from time to time. 
  • You are free to use these however you like, both in game and for mods. I intend for this to be an outfit pack and a community resource pack. So go wild!

  • 0spacepope0 (Shifting Shadows. Used the textures from this for the medic boots. if there are any issues with using this please let me know and I will happily remove it.)
  • Izumiko ( Female Gambler Suits)
  • flamenx01 (Detective's trench coat arms)

Hope you all enjoy the outfits! If there's any issues please let me know.