Fallout New Vegas
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Gives the ghost people masks a more worn appearance. The cloud decays all it touches, after all

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As my Unique Think Tank Members, and Roboscorpion retexture mods, this started as a retexture for my personal use, buuuut...my gf insisted that I should share (bless you Su)

Father Elijah states very clearly: The cloud DECAYS all it touches...Then why do the ghost people's masks look brand new? The suits look worn and torn, sure, but...the masks? This retexture aims to fix that giving their gas masks a thick layer of red rust, as if they've been deep in the cloud for several hundred years...as they theoretically have.

What this mod does (as in v.1.0)

- What it says on the tag

What this mod doesn't do:

- Make Father Elijah let you go
- Allow you to carry all 37 bars of gold without being overencumbred
- Make Dean Domino a good person


Use your prefered mod manager to install or download manually and drag and drop the files into your Data folder


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