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Retextures the members of the Think Tank + Dr. Mobius so that have an unique appearance. Also retextures Saturnite and Regular Artillery Shells...'cos why not

Permissions and credits
This started as a retexture for my personal use, as I've never found any Think Tank or Roboscorpion retextures. I do have plans to redo a few more of Old World Blues' enemies, architecture, and overall textures, but, tbh, I'm just releasing this because of my gf's insistence (bless you Su)

What this mod does (as in v.1.1)

- Gives each member of the Think Tank a unique appearance with higher resolution monitors included, as well as higher detailed brains and removes the colored glows that their tanks emit for a more realistic feeling (because crazy floating brains in jars need a dose of realism amr?)

-Also gives Dr. Mobius a more unique look inspired by his human form

- An optional Roboscorpion retexture that gives them a Rusted metallic texture. I do like the original red yellow and green one, as I think the developers were going for an old Sci-fi vibe, but I just wanted something...different.    NOW RELEASED AS A STANDALONE MOD!

-Retextures the Saturnite artillery shells found all over Big MT, Saturnite and regular Howitzer ones (wich means the Howitzer shells at Nellis will also be retextured)

-Gives each facility's entrance sign a more crispy, sharp look

What this mod doesn't do:

-Your taxes
-Give your life meaning
-Make Gabe's story any less sad.


- Retexture the dome architecture
- Give Dr. Mobius a more ''unique'' look, as opposed to just a broken brainbot    Done as in version 1.05!
-Give EACH Think Tank member their unique appearance Done as in version 1.1!
- Test and prod the Mojave. WITH SCIENCE


Use your prefered mod manager to install or download manually and drag and drop the files into your Data folder


Arsenal Weapon Overhaul - Survivalist Rifle Retexture

Old World Flag Retexture

Old World Blues - Sweet Switches

Old World Blues - Unique Think Tank Members

Old World Blues - Roboscorpion Retexture

Old World Blues - Toaster Of Doom

Dead  Money - Decayed Ghost People

Old World Blues - Seedy Research Station