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Restores an unfinished animation marker with unique meat preparation animations and adds them across the Mojave. Also available as a modder's resource.

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´╗┐Does this count as cut content? Kinda? Sorta?

´╗┐There's an oddly specific FO3 holdover in the game files for the furniture marker for grisly meat preparation animations from The Pitt. It seems at one point Obsidian had planned on using these animations; the marker was placed once in Camp McCarran (but in a very illogical position) and another area had been set up for the marker in The Fort but left unfinished. While the animations are present in the BSA, nothing is set up to be functional.

This mod readds the various animations and ties them to the existing animation furniture marker and further integrates them across the worldspace where they would logically exist. Most of the markers have newly created npcs designed to use them in the following locations: 

- The Fort
- Camp Golf

- Ultra Luxe Kitchen
- Tops Restaurant
- The Gray*
- Westside**

*no new NPC
**new meat vendor

The more gruesome animations that blatantly involve preparing human flesh (blame The Pitt) have been set to only be available to canonically cannibalistic factions - White Gloves, Fiends and Jackals - the function I used to check for multiple possible factions only exists in JIP NVSE, hence the dependency. If a NPC is not in any of those three factions they will only use the regular non-cannibal animations. 

This mod is theoretically compatible with all mods (please let me know if anything doesn't) and is fully usable as a modder's resource; just use the existing vanilla furniture marker (DLCPitPreparingMeatMarker) and this mod will be able to fire its animations whenever a npc uses it! 

This may be part of a larger project to integrate all of the various unused FO3 DLC animations in NV's BSAs; something similar to Antares' classic Animated Morrowind mod. Feel free to leave any suggestions for animations or additional locations to add the meat marker to!