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A small mod which allows to place Map Markers wherever you want.

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A small mod which allows to place Map Markers wherever you want, to a max of 32, you could check the video to see how it works in game.

Open the MCM menu, select a free slot pressing NEXT / BACK buttons, click CREATE and it'll ask you the name (3 to 28 characters long).

Once the marker is created, you can:
- Delete it, pressing DELETE
- Rename it, clicking over its name
- Change the type (which corresponds to the icon shown on the map), clicking on TYPE
- NEW V2 Teleport to it with a click. Differently to fast travel, it has no restrictions, i.e. you can teleport even in zones where you normally can't travel, or during combat. For this reason, it has to be seen as some sort of cheat. If you have auto saves enabled on cell change, it will also trigger an auto save.
- NEW V4 Initialize. It will allow you to reset you all the markers, reload the mapmarkers.ini and then hide them all. This is done for example on a new game, if you want to have extra map markers but you want to discover them (also gaining XP from them). You can Initialize only once per game, and once you do it you can't go back, so the markers will be hidden until you discover them. Also, you must be on an interior to do it. However, the Teleport cheat still works...

NEW V5 while playing, you can now create a new Map Marker pressing a hotkey (configurable in MCM, default is numpad - )

The mod should allow you to create markers properly even in other mods' places, no matter if you're in NV vanilla, DLCs, TTW, Alton IL, whatever. Let me know if you have troubles.

Markers depend by your savegame, so if you start a new game you'll lose them. To avoid this, you can click on EXPORT, it'll save them all on a file and later you'll be able to load them on the new save pressing IMPORT (better doing it from an interior). Or you can eventually give the file to your friends to share your markers, the file is \Data\Config\MapMarkers.ini.

IMPORTANT NOTE: travelling to markers in places that usually are not reachable due to how a quest is done, you're most probably going to break some quests / game mechanics.

NEW V3 I included an optional file containing 32 markers, based on FONV Wiki's unmarked locations. These are: Abandoned Shack, Abandoned Warehouse, South Vegas Ruins South Ent., Sunken Sarsaparilla Truck, Train Tunnel - South, Bootjack Cavern, C.Searchlight Trailer Park, Carlyle St.Claire's House, Chance's Grave, Colorado River, Deathclaw Promontory, The Devil's Throat, East Central Sewers, Crashed Plane, Fabulous New Vegas Sign, Fiend House, Great Khan Armory, Great Khan Supply Caves, Griffith Peak, Hidden Cazador Nest, Hoestler Home, Jackal Shack, Lakelurk Cove, Mercenary Camp, Mesquite Mountains Lean-To, Mojave Home, Train Tunnel - North, Orion's Moreno House, Pine Ravines Pathway, Ringo's Caravan, Scorpion Burrow, Small Lakelurk Cave. First install the mod, then overwrite with this file.

About naming the markers: do not press ENTER / RETURN when you've finished or it'll return carriage, instead click OK with the mouse. If you pressed ENTER / RETURN by mistake, you can delete the return carriage pressing BACKSPACE eventually. Or you can confirm the wrong name and then rename the marker later (see renaming, above)

Extract the package inside \Data folder, or use a mod manager. Load order is not important, shouldn't cause conflicts anyway.
NEW V3 If you want to install 32 custom map markers of unmarked locations, you can install the Optional mapmarker file after the main file.


- NVSE people, Luthienanarion, JazzIsParis, hastening greys